Gamze Nurluglu

Communication Professional: | Linkedin | Digital Leadership Communication | Digital Brand: Employer Brand | Ⓜ️Top Writer Medium

Gamze Nurluoglu designs digital journeys, provides training, and delivers speeches for global and local brands in her company. She've served 400+ global and local brands in various sectors. In 2019, she shifted her focus to education, conducting training sessions in digital marketing and LinkedIn. She founded "Gamze Nurluoğlu," a communication and consultancy company. They now offer services in brand positioning, strategy, digital channel management, content development, and digital project development. She provides: ⚡️LinkedIn tips on branding, sales, and effective usage. 👩‍💻Monday analyses of company LinkedIn pages with the "LinkedIn Employee Report Card." 🙋🏻‍♀️Friday highlights of the week in the "20-Minute Newsletter." Don't forget to follow Gamze on LinkedIn!