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A single data breach can cost a company up to $3.29 million, a 12% rise from the previous year’s breaches (BM’s Cost of a Data Breach research).

Companies are willing to pay top dollar for skilled cyber security personnel due to the disastrous effects of cyber attacks.

Our 2023 Cyber Security Salaries Guide provides average salary ranges for the highest-paying cyber security positions, helping you make informed decisions or hire expert talent confidently.

Experts in this field evaluate the safety of your company’s data, systems, and networks and try to prevent potential threats.

Salary for Cyber Security Engineers

According to Glassdoor, with average Cyber Security Engineer salary £45,871 /yr, and the estimated additional pay is average of £4,861 and ranges from £1,588 – £14,881 per year. The Cyber Security Engineer profession consistently ranks among the top earners in the security business.

Businesses pay a good salary for these experts because of the wide range of security engineer tasks they oversee, such as developing and implementing strategies to protect networks from sophisticated hacking efforts and other forms of persistent danger.

When to Hire a Cyber Security Engineer?
It would be best to focus on filling this position first to push your team to the next level.

Cyber Security Engineers have extensive expertise and understanding of the pitch, so hiring one will strengthen your team.

Salary of Application Security Engineer

According to Glassdoor, Application Security Engineer is a lucrative cyber security profession, with a typical annual salary of £54,498 /yr.

Hiring an Application security engineer is essential if your business employs third-party software solutions provided or hosted by companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.

These experts will ensure your company’s software and business applications are secure and compliant with applicable privacy and regulatory requirements.

When to Hire an Application Security Engineer?

This position is critical for any company planning to adopt cloud-based services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.

Why? When you hire an Application Security Engineer, you can be assured that your internal and external apps are protected from hackers or malevolent systems attempting to compromise security.

Salary for Cyber Security Analyst

According to Glassdoor, the typical range for a cyber security professional’s income is £52,444 per year, and they are well worth every penny. To ensure the safety of the infrastructure, these experts design, develop, and implement various forms of protection.

Along with Penetration Testers and Information Security Managers, they can uncover your system’s weaknesses before hackers can cause serious damage to your business.
When to Hire a Cyber Security Analyst?
If your business has suffered a data breach or been infected with malware, you should immediately employ a cyber security Analyst to assist with damage control and ongoing security.

Salary of Ethical Hackers

According to Glassdoor, pen testers, also known as Ethical Hackers, get an average annual salary of £52,444 /yr in the UK.

Security professionals feel that bringing in ethical hackers may help their organizations strengthen their defenses against cyberattacks by providing insight into the thought processes of hackers and essential cyber security expertise.

If that’s the case, your efforts should be focused on recruiting and retaining such experts. To find security holes that hackers can exploit, penetration testers run a battery of tests throughout your whole infrastructure, from computers and networks to online apps.
When to Hire an Ethical Hacker?
Is your company secure against sophisticated hacking attempts? This person knows the answer and will keep you safe from hackers by keeping you up to date on their methods.

Hire ethical hackers for security roles may seem paradoxical, but doing so will give you access to a fresh pool of people with valuable insider expertise.

Salary of a Network Security Engineer

According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for Network Engineer is £41,722 /yr. The estimated additional pay ranges from £881 to £12,869 per year, with an average of £3,367, making it one of the highest-paying cyber security professions overall. This role, similar to a Cyber Security Engineer, includes responsibilities such as maintaining physical and virtual networks, firewalls, email security, online protocols, and application security.

You can never be too careful about the security of your company’s computer network, and this position contributes to that goal.
When to Hire a Network Security Engineer?
Hiring a Network Security Engineer is a good idea if your business is having network problems or has found vulnerabilities of it was previously unaware.

Salary of Information Security Manager

In the United Kingdom, an Information Security Manager can expect an average annual salary of £62,204 /yr, and the estimated additional pay is average of £6,775 and ranges from £2,660 – £17,255 per year. Cash bonuses, commissions, tips, and profit sharing are all potential forms of supplementary income.
When to Hire an Information Security Manager?

Salary of a Malware Analyst

Keeping up with the news will reveal the exponential growth of ransomware assaults. This is a significant issue for companies everywhere. As with many other cyber security specializations, the demand for malware analysts far outstrips the supply of qualified candidates. The average salary for a Malware Analyst is £38,886 /yr per year in the UK, and the estimated additional pay is an average of £4,763 and ranges from £934 – £24,298 per year.
When to Hire a Malware Analyst?
Companies in the cybersecurity business that need to test the malware detection capabilities of their products use malware analysts, also known as reverse engineers. Malware analysts can help lower the threat of malware assaults for businesses outside the cybersecurity industry as well.

Salary of a Security Architect

Professional in charge of security. Those in this role need to be able to think like hackers to stop future intrusions. Organizational computer systems security is also their responsibility. Security architects must always be aware of new vulnerabilities and methods of protection. Their salary is £76,513 /yr on average, according to Glassdoor, and the estimated additional pay is an average of £7,366 and ranges from £2,464 – £22,015 per year.
When to Hire a Security Architect?
The importance of the Cyber Security Architect‘s job has skyrocketed in this age of rising cyberattacks on businesses’ computer networks. Security architects create, test, and deploy measures to protect an organization’s IT infrastructure from malware and hacker breaches, allowing businesses to carry on without risking financial ruin.

Salary of a Cloud Security Engineer

Cloud security engineers in the United Kingdom can expect to make an average annual salary of £63,931. As part of the Security Engineering team, Security Cloud Engineers are accountable for establishing and maintaining a cloud environment for hosting security tools and the cloud security tools used to secure production clouds.

When to Hire a Cloud Security Engineer?
Hiring a Cloud Security Engineer is suitable for establishing and executing security measures for the cloud, including access control, data encryption, and network security, as well as identifying and mitigating any cloud-based security issues.

Salary of a Security Operations Centre Analyst

Security Operations Centre analysts in the United Kingdom expect an average annual salary of £35,087 /yr. Security Operations Center Analyst salaries are estimated based on nine anonymous submissions to Glassdoor. A security operations center may provide services like threat intelligence, vulnerability scans, and timely patch management to enable analysts in monitoring the broader security landscape.

When to Hire a Security Operations Centre Analyst?
It may be a good idea to hire a Security Operations Centre (SOC) Analyst to watch for investigating and responding to cyber threats constantly. A company’s assets are its intellectual property, employee information, business processes, and reputation.


Staying competitive in today’s market requires professionals and hiring managers to access the most up-to-date salary ranges for various professions and skill sets. Our 2023 Cyber Security Salaries Guide does just that.

Dive into the 2023 Cyber Security Salary Guide if you want the information and insight you need to set realistic expectations when employing top IT talent or if you want to know your true worth when searching for a career in the cybersecurity industry. This guide contains the information and insight you need to set realistic expectations.

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