A Systematic Literature Review of Blockchain Cyber Security ebook
A Systematic Literature Review of Blockchain Cyber Security

Discover the intersection of blockchain technology and cybersecurity, investigating how blockchain bolsters data security through decentralized systems. Explore emerging research trends and future directions in securing digital assets. Download now for essential insights into the transformative role of blockchain in cybersecurity.

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A Systematic Literature Review of Blockchain Cyber Security

Since Satoshi Nakamoto’s seminal Bitcoin white paper in 2008, blockchain has emerged as a leading contender in securing data storage and transfer. This systematic literature review dives into peer-reviewed research utilizing blockchain for cybersecurity purposes. This research highlights the potential of blockchain in fortifying cyber defenses. They do this by analyzing general blockchain security applications, including its application in the Internet of Things (IoT), networks, machine visualization, public key cryptography, web applications, and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) storage.

Moreover, the review offers insights into future research directions, educational pursuits, and industry practices within the blockchain and cybersecurity realm. It addresses burgeoning topics such as blockchain security in IoT, leveraging blockchain for securing AI data, and enhancing sidechain security. Explore this timely review to uncover the evolving landscape of blockchain cybersecurity. Pave the way for future innovations and advancements in the field!