Cyberwire Daily Podcast
CyberWire Daily Podcast

The daily cybersecurity news and analysis industry leaders depend on. Published each weekday, the program also included interviews with a wide spectrum of experts from industry, academia, and research organizations all over the world. Hosted by Dave Bittner, a security podcast host and one of the founders at CyberWire.


CyberWire Daily Podcast

This daily program is a trusted source of news and analysis for industry leaders in the field of cybersecurity. Published on weekdays, it features interviews with a diverse range of experts from research organizations, academia, and industry around the globe. The program provides valuable insights and up-to-date information to help keep professionals informed and ahead of the constantly evolving threats in the cybersecurity landscape.

About Host
Dave Bittner, is a security podcast host and one of the founders at CyberWire. He’s a creator, producer, videographer, actor, experimenter, and entrepreneur. He’s had a long career in the worlds of television, journalism and media production, and is one of the pioneers of non-linear editing and digital storytelling.

About CyberWire

CyberWire is an independent and trusted B2B cybersecurity audio network that keeps people up-to-date on the rapidly changing world of cyber.

They provide situational awareness, continuing education, and professional development programs to influential leaders and professionals worldwide.

The news they share is curated by analysts, experts, and writers with local roots in Baltimore, a vibrant and rapidly growing tech community, and global connections.

Their publications and programs offer valuable information and education for professionals, executives, students, and security enthusiasts alike, without sensationalism or marketing buzz.