401 Access Denied Podcast
401 Access Denied Podcast

Listen the 401 Access Denied Podcast Bi-weekly, with Delinea's ethical hacker Joseph Carson as he shares life lessons and insights into the world of InfoSec – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Whether you want to learn more about the latest hacking techniques, or navigating how to become a CISO, check this podcast.


401 Access Denied Podcast

The 2021 award-winning 401 Access Denied Podcast brings together cybersecurity leaders from Cybrary and Delinea, along with special guests, to discuss cyber security and IT topics in order to make them more accessible and entertaining for laymen and experts alike. Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist at Delinea, joins guests to share insights on various security topics such as hiring in cyber, thinking like a hacker, mitigating insider threats, helping secure your kids online, and IoT and OT security.

Past Episodes

Episode 75: Security & Trust in Voting Systems with Christian Folini

Governments and corporations seek to maintain secure and legitimate elections, even as technology continues to advance. Joseph Carson meets with Christian Folini, application security engineer and creator of “12 Tutorials about ModSecurity and the Core Rule Set,” to debate how expanding tech can help to democratize elections and how it can affect the trust we have in the election process. We dive into the impact of online voting and the recent Estonian election where electronic voting surpassed traditional voting methods.

Episode 74: Decentralized Centralized Perimeter Security with Brian Honan

As cybersecurity continues to evolve year after year, how have businesses learned to adapt? Joe Carson connects with longtime pal and internationally recognized expert on cybersecurity and data protection, Brian Honan, for an entertaining discussion. Brian shares wisdom and perspective from his many years of experience in cybersecurity and executive leadership.

Episode 73: Cybersecurity Government Task Force with Jen Ellis

Wondering how cybersecurity policy is created and enforced among organizations?

In this 401 Access Denied episode, Jen Ellis, founder of NextJenSecurity and board member of several major cybersecurity companies, chats with Delinea’s Joseph Carson about the ins and outs of a cybersecurity policy. You’ll hear how entities like corporations, governments, and even individuals can be impacted by these policies along with expert insights from Jen.

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