Join PI LIVE USA 2024 in Miami from April 16th to 18th for the best in partnership, affiliate, and influencer marketing. Connect with industry leaders, learn about effective marketing strategies, and make valuable connections. Don't miss this opportunity to thrive in marketing!


PI LIVE USA is a premier event centered around partnership marketing, encompassing affiliate and influencer marketing as well. This gathering will feature accomplished organizations and individual creators engaging in discussions about marketing strategies that are results-driven and quantifiable.

Who’s Joining PI LIVE USA

Get ready for PI LIVE USA 2024, taking place in the sunny city of Miami from April 16th to the 18th. The event caters to three key categories within the marketing industry. Firstly, brands and retailers play an important role by offering networking opportunities and partnering prospects to other participants. They are at the core of this dual marketing dynamic. The second crucial participant group comprises agencies and technology firms. If you represent one of these entities, you can connect with brands and retailers, forging partnerships that align with their specific needs and desires. Lastly, one of the most significant groups consists of affiliates, publishers, and creators. If you belong to this professional sphere, PI LIVE USA is a must-attend. It provides an exceptional platform for networking and getting noticed by brands eager to tap into your audience.

PI LIVE USA goes beyond these segments, also featuring events on Performance Marketing. You can gain valuable insights on various topics, including paid search, paid social, and retail media.

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What to Anticipate

When it comes to the exciting perks awaiting you at PI LIVE USA, let’s begin with the standout feature—the event’s networking app. Through this app, you can schedule one-on-one meetings, whether in the Partnership Lounge or other official event zones. With multiple stages hosting diverse sessions, you’ll always find something that interests you. Moreover, locations like the margarita mixer and Sunrise Wellness provide ideal settings for both socializing and rejuvenation after a productive day.

As is customary with such events, we encourage you to visit their website to explore the full list of speakers and attendees for this great event. Additionally, take a moment to look into the list of successful companies sponsoring PI LIVE USA. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with some of the most ambitious individuals in the marketing industry!

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Why You Should Attend PI LIVE USA 2024?

PI LIVE USA 2024’s agenda leads the narrative of the industry with a focus on outcome based and measurable marketing; including the latest thinking on affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, partnership marketing (including brand-to-brand) and performance marketing.