PI LIVE Europe 2024, happening in London on October 22-23, is the ultimate convergence of partnership, affiliate, and influencer marketing. Join brands, agencies, technology companies, affiliates, publishers, and creators for networking opportunities. Explore the latest trends in performance marketing, paid search, and retail media. Check the event website for the full list of speakers and sponsors. Don't miss the chance to join industry leaders at PI LIVE Europe!


PI LIVE is an event focusing primarily on the field of partnership marketing. But also affiliate as well as influencer marketing. Many successful organizations and expert individual creators will be at PI LIVE Europe. They’ll have a discussion about an outcome-oriented and measurable marketing approach.

Who Will Attend PI LIVE EUROPE

PI LIVE Europe 2024 will take place in London on October 22th and 23th. This event will cover three main groups active in the field of marketing. First, brands and retailers can be a solution to other participants’ networking and partnership searches. It’s because they present the product at the core of this dual marketing. The second important group of participants is agencies and technology companies. If you are a representative of these companies, you can meet brands and retailers and have the opportunity to establish partnerships according to their wishes and needs. Our third and most important group of attendees are affiliates, publishers, and creators. If you are one of these professionals, you should attend PI LIVE Europe. PI LIVE Europe offers one of the best networking opportunities to ensure that brands notice you and take advantage of your audience.

PI LIVE Europe not only touches on the areas we just mentioned but also plans events on Performance Marketing. You can also get a lot of information on various topics such as paid search and paid social and retail media.

What Can You Expect

When it comes to the other privileges that await you at PI LIVE Europe, we have to start with the most remarkable one. The event has its networking app. You can schedule one-on-one meetings through the app you download. These meetings can take place in the Partnership Lounge or one of the other official zones of the event. The event also has multiple stages, so you can always find a session that interests you. In addition, places like the Sports Bar and the Terrace are ideal places to both socialize and recover from the fatigue of the day.

As with all events, we encourage you to visit their websites and check out the full list of speakers and attendees for this comprehensive event. You can also check out the successful companies sponsoring PI LIVE Europe. Make sure you do not miss this event where the most ambitious people in the marketing industry come together!

Featured Videos

Why You Should Attend PI LIVE Europe 2024?

Can you feel the buzz in this video above? PI LIVE Europe kicked off with a bang as the first day saw the biggest names from the industry gather in London for a day full of inspiration and networking.

They caught up with Tina Judic, their chair for day one on the Webgains Main Stage, to hear her highlights and key takeaways.

PI LIVE Europe helps brands and retailers connect with thousands of publishers, creators, likeminded brands and tech that can ignite profitable partnerships and discover how to effectively target consumers at all stages of the purchasing funnel.