European Women in Technology 2024

European Women in Technology 2024, organized by Ascend Global Media, will take place on 26-27 June Over 4,500 like-minded peers will be at Europe's largest technology event for women. Share your goals, challenges, and values with others who comprehend your journey. Invest in yourself as a tech pioneer to excel in your organization, team, and personal life.

European Women in Technology 2024

European Women in Technology 2024 will offer you a dynamic and ever-changing landscape, it is of the utmost importance to maximize your time, craft an efficient schedule, and depart the event with a renewed energy following enriching presentations and vibrant networking interactions.

European Women in Technology 2024 devoted careful attention to curating an event that empowers you to curate your own experience, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your career goals and offers invaluable insights. Moreover, the event presents a unique opportunity to forge a multitude of new connections that can fuel your professional journey.

Motivational Live Keynotes

Embark on a journey to explore the frontier of business, workforce, and technology with our lineup of esteemed speakers who are recognized worldwide. Prepare to be immersed in revolutionary concepts that have the power to reshape our future like never before.

Insightful Presentations

Geared specifically towards mid to senior tech professionals, this event offers tailored insights and guidance to propel you to the next rung of your career ladder. Immerse yourself in captivating presentations from pioneers, leaders, and influencers as they delve deep into a wide array of business, tech, and career development topics.

Expert-led Workshops

As a premium ticket holder, you will enjoy exclusive access to over 60 workshops spanning across the two eventful days. These workshops present a unique opportunity to dive deep into both soft and technical topics, allowing you to get hands-on experience and immerse yourself in the subject matter. Prepare to engage in activities and interactive sessions thoughtfully designed by our expert speakers, making your learning experience truly enriching and rewarding.

FinTech Quarter

Witness the unstoppable surge of Europe’s FinTech revolution as fresh start-ups and established banks rapidly shift towards digital solutions. Immerse yourself in the insights shared by leaders and innovators driving groundbreaking trends in banking, payments, and investment. Be at the forefront of the financial evolution and gain invaluable knowledge from those shaping the future of FinTech.

InfoTech Quarter

In 2023, rapid digital transformation and substantial IT investment have become paramount priorities. As technology options multiply, it’s crucial to navigate through the noise effectively. Prepare to delve into the world of frontier technology and methodologies that are propelling the European tech sector forward.

Software Quarter

Discover the 2023 trends reshaping software development, from cloud services to AI. Embark on a journey to meet customer demands and embrace digital transformation. Stay ahead with enhanced skillsets in this dynamic landscape.

Career Advice Hub

You’ll have the incredible opportunity to connect with industry leaders eager to share career advice and valuable tips! Throughout the two-day event, these esteemed professionals will be available to meet with you. Each session will run for a maximum of 15 minutes, ensuring that everyone gets a chance. So, be sure to arrive early and secure your spot on a first-come-first-served basis.

EWiT Meet-ups

Whether you seek connections based on job titles, shared interests, or specific challenge areas, their meet-ups are tailor-made for you. These facilitated sessions are designed to be informal and intimate, providing the perfect platform to voice common challenges, foster collaboration, and seek advice from like-minded peers. To make the most of these valuable opportunities, you can easily view and arrange meet-ups through their event App.

Mentee Mentor Meetups

Get ready to engage in purposeful mentorship through our specially designed sessions. These sessions aim to foster effective mentor-mentee relationships, helping you establish clear goals and define roles and responsibilities. During these enriching meetups, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with multiple mentors who will generously share their perspectives, wisdom, and valuable advice. Embrace this chance to learn, grow, and forge meaningful connections that can shape your personal and professional journey.

Networking Hub

Discover effortless avenues to connect with individuals who truly matter. Whether you aim to exchange ideas, propel your career forward, or initiate meaningful conversations, there are seamless opportunities for you. Take full advantage of the networking sessions to meet industry influencers and leaders across various verticals. Embrace the chance to forge invaluable connections that can elevate your personal and professional endeavors.

Event App

Take your European Women in Technology 2024 experience to new heights with the official event App! Unlock a world of possibilities as it empowers you to schedule meetings with exhibiting companies and seamlessly network with fellow attendees. With the convenience of planning your day, you can make the most out of every moment and maximize your overall experience. Embrace the power of technology to elevate your event journey like never before!

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Why You Should Attend European Women in Technology 2024?

Because you want to invest in yourself as a tech pioneer during this empowering event. Gain insights, harness skills, and network with fellow pioneers to excel not only within your organization but also within your team and personal life. Seize this opportunity to propel your tech career forward and embrace growth in every aspect of your journey.