CogX Festival 2023

Discover brilliance at London's renowned venue, The O2, during the CogX Festival. Uniting remarkable minds shaping our era, this 3-day 2023 event features AI, Deeptech, Industry Transformation, and Global Leadership Summits, alongside an Expo. Immerse in talks, networking, and innovation, delving into technology's potential and challenges. Embrace inclusivity, dialogue, and progress, all aimed at sparking innovation. With 500 speakers and a dedicated 1,500-seat venue, this festival beckons you to join its mission for Inclusivity at Scale. Engage in transformative discussions, curated programs, and immersive experiences. Elevate your insights—be part of this enriching event!

CogX Festival 2023

Held at London’s iconic venue, The O2, the CogX Festival 2023 is a unique gathering to access the wisdom of brilliant minds shaping our era. With the AI & DeepTech, Industry Transformation, and Global Leadership Summits, plus a new Expo, the 2023 event offers 3 days of talks, networking, and innovation.

The event will feature three distinct Summits, each delivering a wealth of inspirational content centered around specific themes. These Summits are:

  1. AI & DeepTech Summit: This Summit will delve into the realms of AI and DeepTech, exploring cutting-edge advancements, innovations, and their implications across various industries.
  2. Industry Transformation Summit: Focused on industry transformation, this Summit will address the dynamic changes and shifts taking place within sectors due to technological advancements and disruptive innovations.
  3. Global Leadership Summit: This Summit will bring together influential leaders and visionaries to discuss and share insights on global leadership, strategic decision-making, and navigating the evolving landscape of technology and business.

Each Summit is designed to offer unique perspectives and insights, catering to the interests and needs of diverse attendees.

Why You Should Attend?

Dive into the realm of extraordinary opportunities that technology unveils and gain a deep understanding of the challenges we collectively strive to surmount along this transformative journey. This festival encapsulates a dynamic environment that invites participants to embrace the potentials and complexities of technology, fostering dialogue and exchange that spark innovation and progression.

The overarching objective is to achieve Inclusivity at Scale. With an enhanced Partnerships Program, CogX Festival aims for 90,000 attendees in 3 days. Over 500 speakers share insights across stages, covering themes like True Industry Transformation. A dedicated 1,500-seater venue serves the Deeptech track for technical discussions.

A curated Executive program offers complete access and exclusive involvement in diverse side events. Partners, the community, and the event’s team organize immersive experiences focused on inclusivity, idea exchange, and connections. Join for an enriching event!