Big Data & AI World 2025

Big Data & AI World 2024, organized by CloserStill, will take place 12-13 March at Excel in London. Discover the intelligent future!

Big Data & AI World 2025

Big Data & AI World 2025 is a leading global event that brings together experts, professionals, and enthusiasts in the fields of big data and artificial intelligence (AI). It serves as a platform for exploring the latest trends, technologies, and innovations shaping the future of data-driven decision-making and AI-powered solutions across various industries.

Who Can Attend?

Big Data & AI World 2025 welcomes attendees from different backgrounds, including data scientists, AI engineers, business leaders, technology enthusiasts, and policymakers. Whether you’re an experienced professional looking to stay updated on the latest developments or someone interested in learning more about big data and AI, this event offers insights and networking opportunities for all.

What to Expect from Big Data & AI World 2025?

Expect a all-embracing program featuring important presentations, panel discussions, hands-on workshops, and interactive exhibits showcasing cutting-edge technologies and solutions in big data and AI. Attendees can explore topics such as data analytics, machine learning, predictive modeling, natural language processing, and more. Additionally, the event provides ample opportunities to connect with industry experts, discover new business opportunities, and gain practical insights into leveraging big data and AI for driving innovation and business growth.

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Why You Should Attend?

Big Data & AI World 2024 is organized by CloserStill.

CloserStill Media runs market-leading business exhibitions in the learning, healthcare, technology, and veterinary sectors. have events in London, Birmingham, Paris, Berlin, New York, Singapore, Las Vegas, Austin, Orlando, Chicago, Reno, Frankfurt, Koln, Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella.

CloserStill Media is founded on bringing people together, building relationships and supporting communities, it is in everything they do.

Their portfolio includes some of the fastest-growing, and often award-winning, events including the London Vet Show, Cloud Expo Europe, Data Centre World, The Pharmacy Show, Learning Technologies, DevLearn, Zufunft Personnel, and The Dentistry Show.

Big Data & AI World is completely free to attend, with everything under one roof. It’s also part of Tech Show London, giving you access to our other industry-leading shows; Cloud Expo Europe, DevOps Live, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, and Data Centre World.