Cybersecurity Leadership Academy

This 12-week fully facilitated online leadership program is designed to maximize ROI on participants’ time and consists of 12 one-week modules with a time commitment of 30-60 minutes per day. Modules can be completed on the participants’ schedule and accessed online anywhere.


Cybersecurity Leadership Academy

Data and information security are at the top of the agenda for CEOs, boards of directors, enterprise senior leaders, and CISOs in most organizations across all industries. This uniquely positions security teams to not only protect the business, but more importantly, to help shape the business.

They compiled insights from our National Advisory Board, comprised of industry-leading information security officers, survey results from over 3000 executives, and content detail from over 100 focus groups to design and make the CCI Cybersecurity Leadership Academy available.

This is the single best professional development training we have received in the past decade. I have witnessed transformations in myself as well as my co-workers.


I loved being able to work on the content on my schedule. Having the breakout group calls each week kept me accountable to having my activities done. The best part was working with my classmates and making those networking connections. They added a different perspective than my own or validated that I was headed in the right direction. Invaluable!

IT Manager

This online course is open to:

  • Cybersecurity managers and their teams
  • Emerging cybersecurity leaders interested in improving their capabilities, team engagement, and business outcomes
  • Cyber business partners in finance, operations, HR, and other disciplines who are interested in learning more about cybersecurity leadership and overall business risk management
  • Partners