Transmit Security

Transmit Security, headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Boston, Massachusetts, is a leading private company specializing in cybersecurity and identity and access management. Established in 2014 by Mickey Boodaei and Rakesh Loonkar, Transmit Security delivers a range of services including customer authentication, identity orchestration, and workforce identity management. Notably, the company achieved a groundbreaking milestone in June 2021, securing an impressive $543 million in a Series A funding round, marking the largest Series A in the history of cybersecurity. Furthermore, Transmit Security holds the distinction of being a FIDO Alliance Board member, underscoring its commitment to advancing stronger authentication standards.


Transmit Security

In the dynamic realm of cybersecurity, innovation, and efficiency stand as the pillars of protection. Enter Transmit Security, a pioneering force in the cybersecurity and identity and access management sphere. With roots in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Boston, Massachusetts, Transmit Security is making waves by reimagining how companies approach customer authentication, identity orchestration, and workforce identity management.

A Vision for Enhanced Security

Transmit Security’s journey began in 2014, driven by the visionary minds of Mickey Boodaei and Rakesh Loonkar. These trailblazers recognized the need for an identity and access management solution that could streamline processes and fortify cybersecurity. Their brainchild, Transmit Security, emerged as a result, reshaping the landscape of digital security.

Services that Make a Difference

Transmit Security’s offerings span a diverse spectrum, each designed to bolster digital trust and security. Let’s dive into some of the cutting-edge services that set Transmit Security apart:

1. Identity OrchestrationTM: Streamlined and Centralized Decisioning

With Identity OrchestrationTM, Transmit Security empowers companies to consolidate their identity stack, centralize decision-making, and automate customer journeys. This strategic approach mitigates risk and enhances the overall security posture.

2. Detection and Response: Vigilance in Real Time

Transmit Security’s vigilance extends to detection and response, where the platform monitors and analyzes numerous signals to detect risk, trust, fraud, bots, and behavioral anomalies. This real-time insight ensures that potential threats are identified promptly.

3. Identity Management: Simplified and Unified Control

Simplicity meets security with Transmit Security’s Identity Management service. A single identity store, unified user profiles, single sign-on, and role-based access control simplify the intricate task of identity management, streamlining operations while maintaining robust security.

4. Identity Verification: Automated Assurance

In a digital age where identity verification is paramount, the platform offers automated ID and selfie analysis. This enables companies to verify customer identities with accuracy and speed, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.

5. Authentication Services: Multiple Layers of Assurance

Transmit Security’s Authentication Services provide a versatile array of options, from passkeys to passwordless authentication and email magic links. This multifactor authentication approach adds layers of assurance, ensuring that only legitimate users gain access.

6. Data Validation: Instant Identity Validation

The platform’s Data Validation service offers instant validation of identity data provided by customers. This feature adds a critical layer of verification, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of customer information.

A Series A Triumph

Transmit Security’s pursuit of excellence reached a significant milestone in June 2021. The company successfully raised a staggering $543 million in a Series A funding round. This monumental achievement marked the largest Series A funding in the history of cybersecurity, a testament to Transmit Security’s innovative spirit and transformative potential.

A FIDO Alliance Board Member

The company’s commitment to security extends beyond its own offerings. The company stands as a FIDO Alliance Board member, contributing to the advancement of open standards for stronger authentication.

In the landscape of cybersecurity and identity and access management, the company reigns as a beacon of innovation and protection. With a comprehensive suite of services, visionary leadership, and groundbreaking achievements, Transmit Security is shaping a future where digital trust and security are paramount.