Sonrai Security is a leading provider of cloud security and data governance solutions. Founded by experienced leaders Brendan Hannigan, Doug McNary, and Sandy Bird, the company aims to address the challenges faced by organizations transitioning to the cloud. Their innovative platform, Sonrai Dig, leverages AI and machine learning to offer real-time visibility and proactive risk identification in complex cloud environments. Sonrai Security takes a customer-centric approach, tailoring solutions to meet individual needs and providing ongoing support. With a focus on innovation, expertise, and customer success, Sonrai Security helps organizations secure their cloud assets and comply with industry regulations.

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Sonrai Security is a leading provider of cloud security and data governance solutions, offering a comprehensive platform designed to protect organizations’ critical assets in complex cloud environments. Founded on the principles of innovation, expertise, and customer-centricity, Sonrai Security has emerged as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to secure their cloud infrastructure and mitigate risks associated with data breaches.

The company’s story of leadership stems from the collective experience and vision of its founders. Brendan Hannigan, Doug McNary, and Sandy Bird recognized the growing challenges faced by enterprises as they transitioned to the cloud. They understood that traditional security measures were insufficient to address the dynamic and distributed nature of cloud environments. Determined to address this gap, they embarked on a journey to develop a solution that would enable organizations to effectively secure their cloud assets while maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

Sonrai Security‘s leadership team possesses deep expertise in cloud security, data governance, and risk management. Brendan Hannigan, the CEO, brings a wealth of experience from his previous roles at IBM and Q1 Labs, where he was instrumental in driving the development of innovative security solutions. Doug McNary, the COO, has a proven track record in scaling and leading successful technology companies, while Sandy Bird, the CTO, is a renowned expert in security, having co-founded and led a successful cybersecurity firm.

The company’s innovative platform, Sonrai Dig, is at the forefront of cloud security and data governance. It leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide real-time visibility into cloud infrastructure, enabling organizations to identify and remediate security risks proactively. By mapping the complex relationships between identities, data, and resources across multiple cloud platforms, Sonrai Dig offers a comprehensive view of an organization’s cloud environment, empowering security teams to make informed decisions and enforce granular access controls.

Sonrai Security’s customer-centric approach sets it apart from other security providers. The company recognizes that each organization has unique requirements and challenges, and it works closely with its clients to tailor solutions that align with their specific needs. Moreover, Sonrai Security’s commitment to customer success extends beyond implementation, with dedicated support and ongoing monitoring to ensure the continuous protection of critical assets.

In conclusion, Sonrai Security’s story of leadership is characterized by innovation, expertise, and a customer-centric focus. With its cutting-edge platform, Sonrai Dig, the company is empowering organizations to secure their cloud environments, mitigate risks, and maintain compliance. As cloud adoption continues to soar, Sonrai Security remains at the forefront of the industry, providing organizations with the tools they need to safeguard their most valuable assets in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

What Sonrai Security offers?

  • Sonrai Security offers a comprehensive suite of cloud security and data governance solutions.
  • Their primary offering is the Sonrai Dig platform, which provides advanced capabilities for securing cloud infrastructure.
  • Sonrai Dig utilizes machine learning and AI to deliver real-time visibility and control over complex cloud environments.
  • The platform helps organizations understand the relationships between identities, data, and resources across multiple cloud platforms.
  • Sonrai Dig enables proactive risk identification and mitigation.
  • Sonrai Security focuses on data governance, helping organizations maintain compliance with industry regulations.
  • The platform provides granular access controls, data flow tracking, and breach detection capabilities.
  • Sonrai Dig integrates with popular cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
  • The platform helps detect misconfigurations, insecure access permissions, and other cloud-specific vulnerabilities.
  • Sonrai Security offers comprehensive customer support, including training, implementation support, and continuous monitoring.
  • Their team works closely with organizations to tailor solutions to their specific requirements.
  • Sonrai Security aims to protect valuable assets, maintain compliance, and mitigate risks in the dynamic cloud landscape.