Sababa Security

Sababa Security is an Italian cyber security provider of security products, training, and managed services to protect diverse IT and OT environments against cyber, physical, and cyber-physical threats.

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Sababa Security

Saba Security is a trusted brand that specializes in providing reliable and efficient security solutions to help protect your business and assets. With a focus on advanced technology, Saba Security offers cutting-edge security systems that can be customized to meet your specific needs. From CCTV cameras to access control systems, their range of products is designed to help you monitor and manage your premises with ease. Saba Security’s team of experts is committed to providing top-notch customer service, from initial consultation to installation and ongoing support. With a strong reputation for quality and reliability, Saba Security is a brand you can trust to help keep your property and assets safe and secure.

Companies innovate – so does their security. To address the diverse security requirements of businesses across Energy, Manufacturing, Automotive, Finance, Retail, Government, Telecom, and other industries, we founded Sababa Security in 2019.

Andrea Ghislandi, Chief Business Officer di Sababa Security, said;

Our primary goal, as a company that deals with cybersecurity, is to prevent cyber risks and attacks that could compromise the security of companies. To do this, we decided to create a training program managed by the integrated approach and divided into different phases. So as to actively involve users and, at the same time, inform them about the increasingly widespread risks of cyber attacks.

Discover More About Sababa Security

Sababa Security is an Italian solutions integrator with an innovative approach to cybersecurity. It does not only develop, but also scouts for and combines security technologies managed services, and training to protect IT (corporate) and OT (industrial) infrastructures against cyber, physical, and cyber-physical threats. Founded in 2019, the company has its HQ in Milan and offices in Genoa, Turin, Rome and Bari. The branch offices are also open in Spain and Uzbekistan.

Sababa Security is a security provider with a significant suite of strategic products and services, not only for the security of corporate IT environments but also for Automotive, Industrial, Government institutions, and Law Enforcement agencies. It protects different IT and OT environments from threats and cybercrime by supporting the customer throughout the value chain. The company has earned a strong reputation in the cybersecurity field as a one-stop shop with a wide range of products and services for all your cybersecurity needs.

Sababa Security works at the intersection of traditional technology vendors, security service providers, system integrators and security resellers. This position enables the company to support enterprises at any stage of the security lifecycle based on their true security needs, business goals, maturity level, and budget.

“Sababa” is a slang word meaning “great” or “cool”, that is used to express enthusiasm and support. In Sababa Security, they aim to change people’s attitude to cyber security as if it were scary and doomed.