Irdeto is a global leader in digital platform security, offering advanced solutions for industries like media, gaming, automotive, and IoT. Their innovative technologies protect digital content, combat piracy, and ensure secure delivery and monetization. With a focus on media security, Irdeto safeguards premium content from piracy and unauthorized access. They also provide anti-cheat and anti-piracy solutions for the gaming industry, and secure connected devices in automotive and IoT sectors. Irdeto's commitment to continuous innovation and research keeps them at the forefront of cybersecurity, empowering businesses to deliver secure and immersive digital experiences.

irdeto cyber security company


Irdeto is a global leader in digital platform security, protecting platforms and applications across multiple industries such as media and entertainment, gaming, automotive, and IoT. With a strong focus on cybersecurity, Irdeto helps businesses safeguard their assets and intellectual property from digital threats, piracy, and unauthorized access.

Through its innovative solutions, Irdeto empowers its customers to securely deliver and monetize their digital content, services, and devices. The company offers a comprehensive suite of products and services that cater to the unique security needs of different industries, ensuring the integrity and resilience of their digital ecosystems.

One of Irdeto’s key offerings is its advanced security solutions for media and entertainment companies. With the rise of streaming services, digital piracy has become a significant concern for content creators and distributors. Irdeto provides state-of-the-art technologies that protect premium content against piracy, illegal streaming, and unauthorized copying, enabling content owners to monetize their offerings with confidence.

In addition to media security, Irdeto has expanded its expertise into other domains. For the gaming industry, Irdeto offers anti-cheat and anti-piracy solutions that ensure fair play and protect game developers’ intellectual property. The company’s solutions help gaming companies maintain a secure and level playing field, enhancing the overall gaming experience for players worldwide.

Irdeto also focuses on securing connected devices and applications in the automotive and IoT sectors. With the proliferation of connected vehicles and smart devices, there is an increasing need for robust security measures to protect against cyber threats. Irdeto provides cutting-edge solutions that safeguard critical systems, data, and communication channels, ensuring the safety and privacy of users.

What sets Irdeto apart is its commitment to continuous innovation and research in the field of cybersecurity. The company invests heavily in developing new technologies, staying ahead of evolving threats, and providing its customers with state-of-the-art protection.

In conclusion, Irdeto is a leading global provider of digital platform security solutions, helping businesses protect their assets, combat piracy, and secure their digital ecosystems. With its comprehensive range of products and services, Irdeto is at the forefront of cybersecurity, enabling companies across various industries to deliver secure and immersive digital experiences to their customers.

What Irdeto offers?

  • Media Security: Irdeto provides cutting-edge technologies to protect premium digital content from piracy, illegal streaming, and unauthorized copying. Their solutions enable content owners and distributors to securely deliver and monetize their media assets.
  • Gaming Security: Irdeto offers anti-cheat and anti-piracy solutions for the gaming industry. These technologies ensure fair play, protect intellectual property, and create a secure gaming environment for players and developers.
  • Connected Transport Security: Irdeto specializes in securing connected vehicles, ensuring the integrity and safety of critical systems and communication channels. Their solutions protect against cyber threats and unauthorized access to vehicle data.
  • IoT Security: With the increasing prevalence of connected devices, Irdeto provides robust security solutions for IoT applications. Their technologies protect connected devices, data, and communication networks from cyber threats, safeguarding user privacy and maintaining the integrity of IoT ecosystems.
  • Conditional Access Systems: Irdeto offers conditional access systems for pay-media operators, securing content delivery and enabling secure access to premium services.
  • Anti-Piracy Services: Irdeto provides anti-piracy services to help organizations combat the distribution of unauthorized content. Their services include content monitoring, takedown enforcement, and forensic watermarking.
  • Security Consulting and Services: Irdeto offers consulting and professional services to help businesses assess their security posture, identify vulnerabilities, and implement effective security strategies.