Facia empowers the world's fastest and most accurate face recognition solution with instant liveness detection. Their solutions include face search, face matching, age verification, liveness detection and iris recognition. Verify anyone from anywhere in under one second!



Established in 2022, Facia is a startup based in London that is revolutionizing digital identity security through secure identity verification. They use cutting-edge AI and ML algorithms to provide strong, reliable biometric authentication solutions for businesses.

Their innovative 3D liveness detection technology sets new industry standards with a response time of less than one second. They achieve a 0% False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and keep the False Rejection Rate (FRR) below 1%, preventing unauthorized access.

Facia offers specialized services including Photo ID Verification, Face Search, and Age Verification solutions. Their user-friendly APIs and SDKs ensure smooth integration across digital platforms. Real-time 3D face verification and micro-analysis deliver both speed and precision for uncompromising security.

They provide robust protection against various threats, including print and mask-based spoofing, deepfakes, and camera manipulation. Their technology counters video replay attacks, AI-generated video attacks, ID tampering, realistic masks, credential stuffing, camouflage attacks, face swaps, and more.

Facia’s system accommodates users wearing accessories such as glasses, makeup, or beards. As innovators, they are committed to continuous technology enhancement and providing round-the-clock customer support.

Why Choose Facia?

  • Single Frame Detection: Facia’s technology verifies users in a single frame, ensuring swift authentication.
  • Compatibility with Accessories: Facia’s 3D Biometric Authentication system seamlessly verifies users wearing glasses, makeup, or sporting beards.
  • Frictionless Experience: Elevate customer experience with passwordless check-ins, eliminating hassle and delays.
  • Prevention of Deepfakes & Spoof Attacks: Safeguard against fraudulent activities and protect your business with advanced spoof detection mechanisms.
  • Quick and Accurate Verification: Detect liveness within milliseconds, saving users valuable time while ensuring accuracy.
  • Secure Data Storage: Rest assured, Facia prioritizes the safety and security of your customers’ data with robust storage protocols.

Advanced Face Search & Matching Services

Facia’s state-of-the-art technology offers various applications, making it the perfect solution to enhance your organization’s digital security.

  • Image Matching: Utilize Facia’s advanced image matching capabilities for seamless identification.
  • Database Matching: Effortlessly search and match images against your database for accurate verification.
  • Video Matching: Extend the reach of your security measures with Facia’s image-to-video matching functionality.
  • Database Matching: Enhance surveillance and authentication processes by matching video footage to your database seamlessly.

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Why You Should Use Facia?

In 2022, the online fraud, hit Americans hard, tallying up to a staggering $8.8 billion in losses, with median losses per incident hitting $650.

This alarming reality underscores a pressing crisis in our digital landscape: the growing vulnerability of personal data and the surging frequency of identity theft. It’s a profound challenge, and at Facia, they’re dedicated to solving it.

Facia AI offers comprehensive defense, ensuring 100% protection against deepfakes while also safeguarding against over 56 types of injection attacks.

At Facia, they’re not just tackling a problem; they’re cultivating digital trust. Facia mission is providing cutting-edge technology; it’s about fostering a safer, more reliable online sphere. With our steadfast dedication to user security, Facia leads the charge against identity theft, bolstering trust in digital interactions.

Let’s unite to combat identity theft and shape a secure future for both businesses and consumers. Visit Facia website below to learn more.

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