DNSSense endows cyber security with the true potential of the DNS protocol. Granting AI into its customers' armoury, DNSSense researches and develops plug-and-play solutions that address threats at the DNS layer. DNSSense stands as a DNS Layer Security Platform with a primary focus on actively safeguarding all devices within a network against a wide spectrum of malicious activities, encompassing phishing, ransomware, and zero-day attacks.



DNSSense allows you to protect all your users at the DNS level from harmful contents of the internet. Provides effective protection against zero-hour malware, ransomware, spam, phishing attacks with the help of AI-based domain classification. As the global pioneer in DNS security, their core mission is to elevate organisations’ cyber defence maturity and posture.

The overarching vision of DNSSense is to simplify complex security measures by offering an AI-integrated, advanced security service that automates and streamlines the user experience, thus contributing to a more straightforward and efficient approach to cybersecurity.

Capitalising on its inherit advantages, DNSSense endows cyber security with the true potential of the DNS protocol. Granting AI into its customers’ armoury, DNSSense researches and develops plug-and-play solutions that address threats at the DNS layer. Complementing the security teams’ efforts through seamless integrations, DNSSense enhances corporate cyber defence maturity and posture by bridging gaps.


DNSSense Solutions By Need:

  • Detect Invisible Malicious Traffic
  • Defend From Firstly-Seen Domains
  • Find the -Escapers- in Your Network
  • Centralised & Simplified DNS Log Collection
  • Identify the Source of Malicious DNS Traffic
  • Increase ROI with the SIEM Integration
  • Enhanced Protection for Remote Workers
  • Prevent DNS Tunneling Attacks

Trusted by over 10,000 companies across 74 countries, DNSSense is leading the global DNS security market as the number one choice for blue-chip companies and large networks.

DNSSense conducts advanced analysis of DNS traffic originating from all devices on the network, including IoT devices. Its Rule-Based SIEM integration ensures that DNS logs and threat intelligence are filtered, enriched, and presented in a comprehensible manner to SOC teams, effectively reducing DNS EPS (Events Per Second) costs.

Why You Should Use DNSSense?

DNSSense represents a remarkable feat in AI and Machine Learning, harnessing unparalleled insights from DNS logs. DNSSense also empowers organizations to do more than just respond; it enables them to take precise and proactive actions. This is precisely why blue-chip companies favor it as their preferred solution.

Next-Generation DNS Tunnel Defence

Conventional intrusion detection systems examine data packets for distinct patterns or “signatures” in order to recognize attacks. However, this method has inherent limitations, as it can solely uncover widely recognized threats.

DNSSense transcends the conventional signature-based approach by employing artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to identify and thwart exceptionally advanced DNS tunneling efforts. This includes AI-driven (heuristic) and exceedingly slow DNS tunneling that spans extended durations.

Unknown Threats Unmasked

As threat actors continuously adapt their strategies to exploit vulnerabilities, a recent trend has emerged, characterized by the development of novel iterations of familiar threats. These variants frequently evade detection by traditional signature-based security systems. DNSSense’s AI-powered detection engine, on the other hand, examines outbound DNS traffic across devices, users, and applications, searching for any irregularities that might signify a threat. It possesses the capability to adapt and defend against emerging forms of malware through its re-learning mechanism.

Resource Library Available

Best Domain Intelligence at Your Fingertips

While many vendors boast about possessing the “top-of-the-line” intelligence database, DNSSense is committed to proving its worth in practice.

Engineered by the DNSSense team, Cyber X-Ray stands out as the industry’s fastest AI-powered domain threat database, providing precise inspection and classification of every Internet domain. The DNSSense team’s commitment to transparency means that they share this unparalleled domain threat intelligence with their users, equipping them with the essential insights required for well-informed decision-making.