Civo is a cloud-native service provider, leading the industry as the first to harness the full potential of Kubernetes. Enjoy lightning-fast cluster launches in under 90 seconds, a developer-friendly experience, and transparent pricing starting at just $5 per month. With Civo's managed Kubernetes, effortlessly host and scale your applications, complete with a free control plane. Their enterprise-class compute instances, fortified with Kubernetes, offer multi-region support, DDoS protection, bandwidth pooling, and a suite of developer tools. Seamlessly set up and scale managed databases via Civo's user-friendly dashboard or developer API, and pay only for what you use.



Civo is your go-to partner for container development and deployment solutions. With a powerful suite of tools and features designed to simplify the complexities of managing Kubernetes clusters, Civo empowers businesses to scale efficiently and securely in the cloud-native landscape.

Key Features and Benefits

Predictable Pricing: They understand the importance of budget predictability. Their transparent pricing model ensures you have complete control over your cloud spend, with no surprises.

Automatic Monitoring: Monitoring your infrastructure is crucial for seamless operations. Civo offers automatic monitoring tools that keep a watchful eye on your clusters, allowing you to address any issues proactively.

DDoS Protection: Security is a top priority for Civo. Their platform is braced against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, providing peace of mind and defending your applications and data.

Node Management: Managing nodes within a Kubernetes cluster can be complex, but not with Civo. Their node management tools simplify this task, ensuring your collections run smoothly.

Multi-Region Support: They provide global businesses with multi-region support, enhancing performance and redundancy with cluster deployment in multiple locations.

Cluster Management: Streamline your cluster management processes with Vivo’s intuitive tools. You’ll have complete control over your clusters, making scaling and maintenance a breeze.

Integrations: Civo seamlessly integrates with popular tools and services, enhancing your workflow and extending the capabilities of your container-based applications.

B2B and SaaS Excellence

Civo excels in B2B and SaaS, offering tailored solutions and earning trust as a go-to partner with scalable, reliable, cost-effective container tools.

Civo’s tools redefine container development, with powerful features and transparent pricing, making them your ideal ally for cloud-native success in B2B and SaaS. Explore what Civo can offer, and take your containerized applications to new heights.