Check Point

Check Point, a global cybersecurity leader, safeguards the digital realm with comprehensive software, hardware, and combined security solutions. With a presence in over 70 locations, including Tel Aviv, San Carlos, and major cities worldwide, the company's network of influence resonates across borders. Strategic acquisitions and a multifaceted security portfolio have solidified Check Point's legacy of expertise. Protecting against network vulnerabilities, mobile risks, cloud breaches, and data security breaches, Check Point champions the future of digital security, remaining resilient in the face of evolving cyber threats.


Check Point

Safeguarding the Digital Realm with Multifaceted Security Solutions

In today’s interconnected digital landscape, the need for robust IT security solutions is more critical than ever before. Meet Check Point, a multinational powerhouse excelling in comprehensive software, hardware, and combined security offerings. Covering network, cloud, mobile, and data security, Check Point is a steadfast guardian of digital assets.

A Global Presence for Cutting-Edge Security

With its headquarters strategically located in Tel Aviv, Israel, and San Carlos, California, Check Point boasts a truly global footprint. Its reach extends to development centers in Israel and Belarus, each contributing to the company’s technological prowess. Notably, the company has also held development centers in the United States (ZoneAlarm) and Sweden (former Protect Data development center) through astute acquisitions.

A Network of Influence: Offices Across the Globe

The impact of Check Point’s innovation reverberates across the world, with offices in over 70 locations. The North American landscape is peppered with 10 key offices, notably including San Carlos, California, and Dallas, Texas. Crossing the border into Canada, 4 offices, including one in Ottawa, Ontario, further solidify the company’s North American presence.

As the sun rises in Europe, Check Point’s influence shines brightly in major cities such as London, Paris, Munich, and Madrid. In the vibrant landscapes of the Asia Pacific, the company maintains its stronghold with offices in Singapore, Japan, Bengaluru, and Sydney. This global web of offices underscores Check Point’s dedication to providing top-tier security solutions to every corner of the globe.

A Legacy of Acquisitions and Expertise

Check Point’s journey to prominence is paved with strategic acquisitions, each adding a unique layer to the company’s expertise. By integrating companies with specialized centers, like ZoneAlarm in the United States and Protect Data development center in Sweden, Check Point has fortified its position as a leader in the security domain.

Beyond Boundaries: A Multifaceted Approach to Security

The company’s comprehensive approach to security is its crowning glory. Check Point’s varied portfolio covers diverse security domains, safeguarding the digital landscape. Their holistic solutions defend against network vulnerabilities, mobile risks, cloud breaches, and data security breaches, forming a robust cyber fortress.

Championing the Future of Digital Security

As the digital world continues to evolve, so do the threats that loom over it. The company’s unwavering commitment to innovation and security places it at the forefront of safeguarding our interconnected realm. With a global network of offices, a legacy of strategic acquisitions, and a multifaceted security approach, Check Point stands as a beacon of resilience in the face of ever-evolving cyber challenges.

Products & Services

Check Point presents a range of core products, including:

  • Network Security
  • Software Defined Protection
  • Security for Public and Private Clouds
  • Zero Trust Remote Access
  • Data Security
  • IoT Security
  • ThreatCloud
  • ThreatCloud IntelliStore
  • Virtual Systems
  • Endpoint Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Security Management
  • Document Security (Capsule Docs product line)
  • Zero-day Protection (SandBlast appliance product line)
  • Mobile Security (Mobile Threat Prevention product line)