A-LIGN is a leading cybersecurity and compliance solutions provider, offering services such as SOC 2, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 assessments, and more. With a team of experts and a focus on customer satisfaction, A-LIGN helps organizations achieve and maintain regulatory compliance. They have received recognition and certifications, including being a Registered Practitioner Organization for the HITRUST CSF and an ISO/IEC 27001 certification body. A-LIGN's comprehensive solutions, industry knowledge, and commitment to excellence make them a trusted partner for businesses looking to protect their data, meet regulatory requirements, and navigate the evolving threat landscape.



A-LIGN is a leading provider of cybersecurity and compliance solutions that help organizations navigate the complex landscape of regulatory requirements. With a team of highly skilled professionals and a commitment to excellence, A-LIGN has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses looking to safeguard their data and protect their reputation.

Founded in 2009, A-LIGN has quickly grown to become a global leader in cybersecurity and compliance services. The company offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, including SOC 2, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and HITRUST assessments, as well as penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and security awareness training. By partnering with A-LIGN, organizations can ensure that their systems and processes are secure, compliant, and capable of withstanding the ever-evolving threat landscape.

A-LIGN prides itself on its team of experts who possess deep industry knowledge and technical expertise. These professionals work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and develop tailored solutions that address their specific challenges. Whether it’s helping a healthcare organization achieve HIPAA compliance or assisting a financial institution in meeting PCI DSS requirements, A-LIGN’s team of experts delivers unmatched value and support.

In addition to its technical prowess, the company is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction. The company strives to build long-lasting relationships with its clients, acting as a trusted advisor throughout their compliance journey. A-LIGN’s client-centric approach ensures that organizations receive the guidance and support they need to achieve their compliance goals efficiently and effectively.

As a testament to its dedication to excellence, A-LIGN has achieved numerous accolades and certifications. The company is a Registered Practitioner Organization (RPO) for the HITRUST CSF, demonstrating its expertise in healthcare information security and privacy. A-LIGN is also an ISO/IEC 27001 certification body, allowing it to certify organizations against this globally recognized standard for information security management.

Overall, A-LIGN is a trusted partner for businesses seeking to enhance their cybersecurity posture and meet regulatory requirements. With its comprehensive suite of solutions, team of industry experts, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, A-LIGN empowers organizations to protect their data, maintain compliance, and build trust with their stakeholders. In an increasingly digital world, A-LIGN stands at the forefront of the cybersecurity and compliance landscape, helping organizations navigate the complex challenges of today’s threat landscape.

What A-LIGN offers?

  • Compliance Assessments: A-LIGN conducts assessments and audits for various regulatory frameworks such as SOC 2, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and HITRUST. These assessments ensure that organizations adhere to the necessary compliance standards and best practices.
  • Penetration Testing: A-LIGN performs thorough penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities in an organization’s systems and networks. By simulating real-world attacks, they help businesses identify weaknesses and implement effective security measures.
  • Vulnerability Assessments: A-LIGN conducts comprehensive vulnerability assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses in an organization’s IT infrastructure. This enables proactive risk management and the implementation of necessary security controls.
  • Security Awareness Training: A-LIGN offers training programs to educate employees about cybersecurity best practices and create a security-conscious culture within organizations. This helps in mitigating human-related security risks and increasing overall awareness.
  • HITRUST CSF Services: A-LIGN is a Registered Practitioner Organization (RPO) for the HITRUST CSF, providing healthcare organizations with specialized services to achieve and maintain compliance with healthcare information security and privacy requirements.
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Certifications: A-LIGN is an ISO/IEC 27001 certification body, enabling them to certify organizations against this globally recognized standard for information security management.