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USAJOBS is the official U.S. government job portal, connecting job seekers with federal employment opportunities. It offers a wide range of job listings, advanced search filters, and detailed application guidance, making it the primary resource for public sector careers.


USAJOBS is the United States Government’s official job portal, designed to connect job seekers with federal employment opportunities across various government agencies and departments. Managed by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), this platform is the central hub for federal employment. It also offers a comprehensive range of job listings, application resources, and career development tools.

Why Should You Choose USAJOBS?

  • Federal Employment Focus: USAJOBS is exclusively dedicated to federal government positions. This makes it the primary resource for individuals seeking public sector employment. It includes jobs in diverse fields such as healthcare, engineering, administration, law enforcement, and more.
  • Wide Range of Opportunities: The platform lists thousands of federal job openings, from entry-level to senior executive positions. This extensive range ensures that job seekers at all stages of their careers can find suitable opportunities.
  • Advanced Search Filters: USAJOBS features advanced search filters that allow users to refine their job searches by location, pay grade, job category, work schedule, and agency. This functionality helps job seekers find positions that closely match their qualifications and preferences.
  • Application Assistance: The platform provides detailed information on the federal hiring process, including guidelines for creating federal resumes, understanding job announcements, and navigating the application process. This assistance helps job seekers effectively apply for federal positions.
  • Veterans’ Preference: USAJOBS includes specific resources and job listings for veterans. It recognizes their service and provides them with preferential hiring considerations. This feature helps veterans transition into civilian federal employment.

USAJOBS stands out as the go-to platform for anyone interested in federal government employment. With its exclusive focus on federal jobs, extensive range of opportunities, advanced search filters, application assistance, and resources for veterans, USAJOBS provides a comprehensive and user-friendly experience for job seekers. Whether you’re a recent graduate, experienced professional, or veteran, USAJOBS offers the tools and opportunities to help you start or advance your career in the public sector.


USAJOBS also features a variety of internship and fellowship programs designed to provide students and recent graduates with valuable work experience in the federal government. These programs offer opportunities to work in various agencies and departments, allowing participants to gain hands-on experience, develop professional skills, and potentially transition into full-time federal positions after completion. This focus on early career development makes USAJOBS an excellent resource for those looking to start their careers in public service.