Crux tackles cybersecurity's talent gap with a unique approach. Instead of catering to job descriptions, they focus on understanding candidates and finding their perfect fit. Their team, with deep cybersecurity expertise, is building the world's first comprehensive talent platform for the industry, empowering both individuals and companies.


Crux, a company dedicated to solving the biggest challenge in cybersecurity – talent acquisition and retention, takes a unique approach compared to traditional recruiters.

Flipping the Script

Unlike most recruiters who focus on job descriptions and narrow criteria, Crux starts with the candidates themselves. They delve into their skills, aspirations, and ideal work environments to find the perfect fit. This candidate-centric approach ensures a more fulfilling experience for both individuals and employers.

Deeply Rooted in Cybersecurity

Crux isn’t just another recruitment agency. Their founder, Brad Rager, boasts extensive experience leading strategy and marketing at Optiv, a major cybersecurity company. This firsthand understanding of the challenges faced by CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) fuels their passion for solving the human side of the cybersecurity talent gap. In fact, their entire team comprises former cybersecurity practitioners and experts, bringing unparalleled knowledge and expertise to the table.

Building the Future

Crux isn’t settling for anything ordinary. They are on a mission to build the world’s first truly comprehensive and integrated talent platform dedicated to cybersecurity. This platform will empower candidates to find work that aligns perfectly with their skillsets and aspirations, while enabling employers to hire with greater confidence and efficiency.

In essence, Crux surpasses the limitations of traditional recruitment by focusing on human capital and leveraging their deep understanding of the cybersecurity landscape to connect the right people with the right opportunities, ultimately aiming to revolutionize the talent acquisition process in the cybersecurity industry.

How Does "Crux" Job Platform Work?

Unlike traditional recruiters who focus on matching resumes to job descriptions, Crux takes a candidate-centric approach to tackle the cybersecurity talent gap. Here’s how their platform functions:

For Candidates

  • Profile Building: Crux works closely with you to understand your skills, experience, career goals, and preferred work environment.
  • Matching: Based on your profile, Crux identifies relevant opportunities within their network of cybersecurity companies, ensuring a good fit for both your professional aspirations and skillset.
  • Guidance: They offer support throughout the application process, including tailoring your resume and cover letter, and preparing for interviews.

For Employers

  • Talent Pool Access: Crux provides access to a pre-vetted pool of highly skilled and qualified cybersecurity professionals.
  • Targeted Matching: They connect you with candidates whose profiles closely align with your specific job requirements.
  • Streamlined Process: Crux can handle the initial screening and interview scheduling, saving you valuable time and resources.