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Cord is a tech-focused hiring platform that streamlines recruitment by enabling direct, real-time messaging between candidates and employers. It offers verified employers, candidate-driven searches, and anonymity options, making the hiring process efficient and transparent for tech professionals and companies.


Cord is a modern hiring platform designed to streamline the recruitment process for tech professionals and companies. Focused on making the hiring experience more efficient and transparent, Cord facilitates direct, real-time conversations between candidates and employers. They do this by bypassing traditional recruitment barriers.

What Sets Cord Apart?

Real-Time Messaging: Cord allows candidates and hiring managers to communicate directly through real-time messaging. This feature accelerates the hiring process, enabling quick responses and fostering more engaging interactions compared to traditional email exchanges.

Candidate-Driven Search: Candidates on Cord can indicate their interest in specific roles or companies, which then allows hiring managers to reach out directly. This candidate-driven approach ensures that job seekers have more control over their job search. This way they can focus on opportunities that genuinely interest them.

Verified Employers: Cord ensures that all employers on the platform are verified, providing job seekers with confidence that they are engaging with legitimate and reputable companies. This verification process helps maintain a high standard of quality on the platform.

Anonymity Option: Candidates can choose to remain anonymous while exploring job opportunities. This feature allows job seekers to gauge interest from employers without revealing their identity, offering privacy and reducing the risk of current employers discovering their job search.

Focus on Tech Industry: Cord is tailored specifically for tech professionals, including software developers, data scientists, and other tech-related roles. This specialization ensures that both candidates and employers find the most relevant matches quickly and efficiently.

Cord stands out as an innovative hiring platform that enhances the recruitment experience for tech professionals and companies alike. With its real-time messaging, candidate-driven search, verified employers, anonymity option, and tech industry focus, Cord offers a streamlined, efficient, and transparent way to connect job seekers with the right opportunities. Whether you’re a tech professional looking for your next role or a company seeking top talent, Cord provides the tools and features to make the hiring process more effective.

More on Cord

Cord offers data-driven insights to both candidates and employers. For candidates, the platform provides analytics on how their profiles are performing, including views and interest from employers, helping them refine their profiles for better results. For employers, Cord delivers detailed metrics on their job postings and outreach efforts, allowing them to optimize their recruitment strategies based on real-time data. This use of analytics helps both parties make more informed decisions and improves the overall efficiency of the hiring process.