Barclay Simpson

Barclay Simpson is a specialist recruitment agency helping professionals find jobs in cybersecurity, technology, and governance across Europe and the Middle East. They connect skilled candidates with top companies, offering a personalized approach to your job search.

Barclay Simpson

Are you a skilled professional looking for your next challenge in cybersecurity, technology, or governance? Look no further than Barclay Simpson, a specialist international recruitment agency dedicated to connecting top talent with leading companies across Europe and the Middle East.

Established in 1989, Barclay Simpson boasts a long and successful track record in placing candidates in various roles, including:

  • Internal Audit & Risk Management: From permanent to interim positions, they help you find your perfect fit within internal audit and
  • controls functions.Information Security: Whether you’re an expert in cyber security, data protection, or data analytics, they can connect you with companies seeking your specific skillset.
  • Technology & Governance: Their network spans across technology, change management, regulatory compliance, and legal & governance professionals.

What truly sets Barclay Simpson apart is their focus on building long-lasting relationships with both candidates and clients. Their team takes the time to understand your unique career goals and aspirations, ensuring a tailored job search experience. They also provide expert guidance and support throughout the entire recruitment process, from initial interview preparation to salary negotiation.

So, if you’re ready to take your career in cybersecurity, technology, or governance to the next level, head over to Barclay Simpson’s website and explore their current openings. With their extensive network and personalized approach, they can help you land your dream job and build a fulfilling career.

How Does "Barclay Simpson" Job Platform Work?

While Barclay Simpson isn’t technically a job platform in the traditional sense like Indeed or LinkedIn, it functions similarly to connect job seekers with potential employers, but with a more personalized touch. Here’s a breakdown of their process:

For Job Seekers

  • Registration: You’d likely reach out to them directly through their website or connect on platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Consultation: They focus on understanding your career goals, skills, and experience through discussions.
  • Matching: Based on your profile, they identify relevant job openings within their network of companies.
  • Application Support: They offer guidance on tailoring your application and preparing for interviews.
  • Negotiation: They might assist with salary negotiation after receiving an offer.

For Employers

  • Company Needs: Companies seeking specific talent in cybersecurity, technology, or governance would contact Barclay Simpson.
  • Candidate Search: Barclay Simpson searches their pool of pre-vetted candidates based on the comp any’s requirements.
  • Shortlisting: They present a shortlist of qualified candidates to the company.
  • Recruitment Support: They might assist with the interview process and communication between the company and potential hires.