Benefits of Having a Cyber Security Career in 2023


Cyber security is a field that is highly in demand. A lot of people choose this career path for various reasons. By being a cyber security expert, you can benefit from its numerous advantages. If you want to learn why you should choose cyber security as a career, you can read this article.

Job Openings

Even though it might seem impossible, cyber security is a field that has a zero percent unemployment rate. It is an in-demand job that is being chosen by many. Nevertheless, there will be 1.8 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs in 2022, according to the publications of Forbes. This data indicates that cyber security is a safe field for employers.

Various Job Descriptions

Cyber security is a wide field that comes with a lot of job opportunities. There are many professionals you can choose from. Some of them are security architects, malware analysts, IT security engineers, security consultants, security software developers, security incident responders, security systems administrators, data security strategists, CISOs, and cyber security specialists. The number of specialties demonstrates that it’s a job that allows progression.

A High Salary

The salary of a cyber security expert depends on the job description and the workplace. By your education level and your certificates, the salary is determined. However, it is possible to mention an average salary. According to Forbes, $240,000 a year is the average salary for an expert. It would be best if you kept in mind that this salary increases or decreases by your level, expertise, and job description.

Progression in Career

Cyber security threats improve every day, and so do security methods. Since cyber security is a developing field, experts have to stay up-to-date. Taking a qualified education, attending courses, and getting certificates are important for progression in the field. Some international certificates are CompTIA Security+, Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), and so on.

A Satisfying Role

Cyber security experts have a satisfying role in companies. Preventing data breaches, decreasing system vulnerabilities, and protecting information is vital for every company that has a computer. Since the role of an expert is crucially important, it gives the pleasure of satisfaction. A qualified cyber security expert can save millions of dollars each year.

A Challenging Job

The importance of cyber security is obvious. However, it can be challenging from time to time. Among numerous responsibilities, such as cyber incident response, investigation, cyber risk and strategic analysis, digital forensics, vulnerability and detection assessment, network/system engineering, and penetration testing, experts sometimes have a hard time conducting their responsibilities. But that’s also the beauty of the job. Working as a cyber security expert is never boring.

Ease of Access to Education

Having a career switch and becoming a cyber security expert does not require a dramatic lifestyle change. Thanks to the flexible degree programs, you can be a professional while balancing your education and work life. In addition, after graduation, experts can easily access education via courses and certifications. In this way, progression in the job is always available for the employees.

A Long-Lasting Job

Cyber Security is a job that has unlimited growth potential. In the modern world where technology improves day by day, cyber security is here to stay. The future of cyber security is wide. In addition, the field keeps growing all the time. Thus, the demand for an expert never decreases. So, when you have a cyber security degree, you can be assured of the sustainability of the job.

Observing the Objective Outcomes

There are numerous kinds of cyber attacks and cyber crimes increase each year. Thus, the need for cyber security is apparent. The harm of cyber attacks is not limited to money and time, it is also effective on the credibility of the company. So, cyber security experts can recognize the value of their jobs by knowing what cyber threats do to vulnerable systems and networks.

Various Working Methods

While cyber security experts can work as a part of the IT department in a company, it is also possible to work remotely. Since the job description is mostly online, working from home is a valid option. On the other hand, freelance cyber security experts are in demand as well. Through freelance websites, companies and experts can meet and work together.


As you have seen throughout the article, cyber security is a career path with numerous benefits. By being an expert, you can be a part of this developing field. Every day the need for an expert increases so do the job openings. So, by having a degree in cyber security, you can be employed almost right away.

Another advantage of this field is that it is exciting and satisfying. Office duties may seem redundant and boring to many people. However, cyber security experts’ tasks are challenging and therefore exciting. In addition, observing the objective outcomes can give the satisfaction of success.


  • What are the job titles of cyber security experts?

There are various specialties for cyber security experts. Some of the titles of experts are incident responder, penetration tester, security architect, security software developer, security engineer, vulnerability assessor, and security manager. It is possible to count many more titles.

  • How many hours does a cyber security expert work in a week?

Even though the answer to that question differs, the average working hours of an expert are 40 hours a week. However, experts can also work as a freelancer. So, in that case, their working hours are more flexible.

  • Is it worth it to be a cyber security expert?

As mentioned throughout the article, cyber security is a challenging and satisfying field. Because it’s in demand, the employment rates are high. Besides, it’s an exciting and developing job.

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