Top Websites You Can Search for Junior Cyber Security Jobs in the UK


Are you a junior-level cyber security enthusiast who is looking for a work opportunity in the United Kingdom that’s just right for you? No need to look any further! The demand for cyber security professionals in the digital age is surging, and the UK is no exception. Whether you’re a recent graduate or transitioning into the field, finding the right platform to kickstart your career can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top websites for UK junior cyber security job seekers. These websites provide abundant opportunities to help you land your dream job and embark on an exciting journey in the fascinating realm of cyber security. These opportunities range from specialized job boards to industry-leading platforms. The next step in your journey towards a successful career in cyber security in the UK is to investigate your options, so let’s get started!

1. Indeed

Indeed is a widely used job search engine offering a vast database of junior cyber security job listings in the UK. Its intuitive interface simplifies job navigation and search refinement. Users can utilize powerful search filters, including keywords and locations. The platform also provides valuable insights about organizations, such as employee reviews, salary information, and interview experiences, aiding job seekers in their decision-making. In summary, Indeed is a reliable platform with diverse junior cyber security job opportunities and helpful tools for job seekers.

2. Linkedin

LinkedIn is a platform for professional networking that is utilized extensively by people searching for jobs as well as by recruiters. In addition to providing access to a vast professional network, it also has a function that is specifically tailored to the job search process. Job advertisements for junior cyber security positions found on LinkedIn are frequently placed by respected industry companies and recruiters. LinkedIn allows candidates to create professional profiles for networking and showcasing skills and experience. It offers insights into companies, including culture, employee profiles, and job market trends. For those seeking junior cyber security roles, LinkedIn is vital as it provides job listings and networking opportunities.

3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is an online resource providing users with a unique combination of company ratings and job listings. It is a valuable resource for job seekers interested in junior cyber security careers in the United Kingdom. It offers comprehensive insights into potential employers, including salary information, employee reviews, and interview experiences. The platform features a specialized job search section, enabling users to find junior cyber security job opportunities. It allows candidates to search for jobs based on various criteria and provides information on the application process. By combining company reviews and job listings, Glassdoor empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their future employers.

4. Totaljobs

Totaljobs is a reputable employment board in the United Kingdom that caters to various businesses, including the cyber security industry. It offers a specialized section for junior cyber security job ads, enhancing opportunities for candidates. Its user-friendly interface allows job seekers to search by location, pay, and job type. Additionally, the platform provides valuable resources like career guidance articles and CV tools for newcomers to cyber security. In summary, Totaljobs is a dependable website with diverse junior cyber security job listings and helpful information for job seekers.

5. Cwjobs

CWJobs is an online employment board that specializes in technology-related positions, especially those in the field of cyber security. There is a specific section on this website that is devoted to listing junior cyber security jobs in the United Kingdom. CWJobs provides its consumers with an easy-to-use search capability that enables them to narrow down their job search based on many factors including location, pay, and job type. Additionally, the platform has company profiles, which provide users with information regarding prospective employers. Because of its comprehensive coverage of technology-related professions, CWJobs is often regarded as the platform of choice for individuals seeking employment in the cyber security industry.

6. Simplyhired

SimplyHired is an all-encompassing job search engine that compiles job listings from a wide variety of sources, including the websites of individual companies as well as job boards. The portal makes available a diverse selection of junior-level career opportunities in the UK’s cyber security field. SimplyHired features a user-friendly interface, which enables job seekers to search for available positions according to area, pay, and job type. Additional elements, such as wage projections and job trend data analysis, are also available on the website. These features can be useful for people who are looking for work. SimplyHired does not provide as many additional tools as some other platforms, but due to its huge job listing database, it is still a significant resource for people looking for junior opportunities in the field of cyber security.

7. Jooble

Jooble is yet another job search engine that compiles postings for available positions from a wide variety of online sources. The website offers a wide range of entry-level cyber security positions in the UK, searchable by area, industry, and keywords using Jooble’s user-friendly interface. It includes filters for remote and entry-level jobs, making it convenient for cyber security job seekers. Jooble provides extensive coverage and an intuitive interface.

8. Reed

Reed is a well-known job board in the UK that covers various industries, including cyber security. The website features a dedicated section for junior cyber security job listings, providing candidates with a range of opportunities to explore. Reed offers a straightforward search functionality, allowing users to filter jobs by location, salary, and job type. Reed, with its solid reputation and comprehensive job listings, is a dependable platform for UK junior cyber security job seekers. It offers extra resources like career advice articles and CV-building tools to support your quest for these roles.

9. Cybersecurityjobsite

CyberSecurityJobsite is a specialized job board that focuses solely on cyber security positions. The website offers a dedicated section for junior cyber security job listings, providing candidates with a focused and targeted platform. CyberSecurityJobsite offers a user-friendly interface for job searches by location, salary, and job type. It provides career advice articles and industry insights, making it valuable for UK junior cyber security job seekers.


To kick-start a career in the dynamic field of cybersecurity, aspiring professionals can explore a range of job opportunities on the top 10 websites dedicated to junior cyber security jobs in the UK. These websites offer comprehensive listings for junior cyber security positions, including junior cyber security analyst, consultant, and engineer roles. Whether based in London, Birmingham, Manchester, or elsewhere in the UK, these websites provide job listings specific to your desired location. Additionally, for those seeking remote work, numerous remote junior cyber security jobs are also available. Candidates can find entry-level positions that align with their skills and interests using these platforms. These websites are essential resources for those entering the cybersecurity field. They offer numerous junior-level job opportunities, making them valuable whether you’re starting your career or transitioning into a junior role in the industry. Don’t forget to aim high and try research the highest paying jobs in cyber security time to time to get motivated in this great journey.

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