Top 8 Cyber Security Companies in Chicago


It is hard to exaggerate how important it is to have strong cyber security measures in place, especially as the world becomes more dependent on technology. The growing IT industry in Chicago, sometimes known as the Windy City, is home to several prominent cyber security organizations that are at the forefront of defending businesses and individuals from digital dangers.

As the demand for comprehensive cyber security solutions grows, these leading companies in Chicago have positioned themselves as pioneers in the field. Their dedication to protecting clients’ sensitive information, fortifying digital infrastructures, and staying ahead of emerging threats has solidified their reputations as trusted guardians of cyber defense.

These cyber security firms in Chicago offer a range of cutting-edge services tailored to address the unique needs of diverse industries. Their expertise spans managed security services, vulnerability assessments, threat intelligence, incident response, and proactive monitoring. By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and employing highly skilled professionals, these companies have demonstrated their ability to provide holistic and effective cyber security solutions. In this article, we will examine the leading eight cyber security companies in Chicago, highlighting their competence as well as the contributions they have made to the industry.

Trustwave Holdings

Location: Chicago, USA
Founded: 2000
Funds Raised: $10M
Employee Number: 1001-5000

Trustwave Holdings, a globally recognized cyber security company, offers a diverse range of services, including managed security services, threat detection and response solutions, vulnerability management, and compliance assistance. With state-of-the-art technologies and a team of highly skilled professionals, Trustwave has established a reputation for delivering reliable and efficient security solutions to businesses of all sizes.

A cornerstone of Trustwave’s offerings is its managed security services. Through this service, Trustwave assists organizations in enhancing their security posture by continuously monitoring their networks, systems, and applications for potential threats. With a dedicated team of experts, Trustwave ensures round-the-clock detection and response to security incidents. This proactive approach promptly addresses vulnerabilities and attacks, minimizing damage and safeguarding sensitive data.

Furthermore, Trustwave provides comprehensive threat detection and response solutions. Leveraging advanced threat intelligence and cutting-edge technologies, Trustwave identifies and analyzes potential threats in real time, empowering businesses to defend against cyberattacks proactively. Their rapid response capabilities allow for swift action in containing and mitigating the impact of security incidents, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring uninterrupted business operations.


Location: Chicago, USA
Founded: 1969
Funds Raised: N/A
Employee Number: 1001-5000

Ensono, headquartered in Downers Grove near Chicago, excels as a leading hybrid IT services provider. Specializing in secure infrastructure management, cloud services, and cyber security solutions, Ensono offers a comprehensive range of services. Their cyber security offerings encompass risk assessments, threat monitoring, incident response, and compliance management. Through their customer-centric approach and industry-leading expertise, Ensono assists organizations in safeguarding critical assets and achieving operational resilience.

Given the increasing reliance on digital technologies and cloud platforms, robust cyber security measures are now more crucial than ever. Ensono acknowledges this and provides tailored cyber security services that cater to each client’s unique needs. They kickstart the process by conducting thorough risk assessments, pinpointing vulnerabilities and potential points of compromise within an organization’s IT infrastructure. This assessment sets the foundation for developing a targeted cyber security strategy that aligns with the organization’s risk profile and business objectives.

Ensono’s threat monitoring capabilities play a pivotal role in proactive threat detection and mitigation. Through the use of advanced monitoring tools, they continuously scrutinize network traffic, system logs, and security events, rapidly flagging potential threats. Their real-time threat intelligence, combined with a team of skilled security analysts, allows for swift responses to security incidents, minimizing impact, and reducing the risk of data breaches.

Burwood Group

Location: Chicago, USA
Founded: 1997
Funds Raised: N/A
Employee Number: 101-250

Burwood Group, based in Chicago, stands out as a cyber security company that specializes in developing innovative strategies to tackle evolving security challenges. They offer a wide range of services, including risk assessments, security architecture design, and security operations center (SOC) management. Burwood Group’s commitment to understanding their client’s specific needs allows them to deliver customized solutions that effectively safeguard digital assets.

Central to Burwood Group’s cyber security offerings is their comprehensive risk assessment service. They take a systematic approach to identifying and evaluating potential vulnerabilities within an organization’s IT infrastructure, applications, and processes. Through these thorough assessments, Burwood Group provides businesses with a clear understanding of their risk landscape and the potential impact of security breaches. This information serves as the foundation for tailored cyber security strategies that address the unique challenges and requirements of each client.

Burwood Group’s expertise in security architecture design empowers them to create robust and scalable security frameworks that align with their client’s business objectives. Working closely with clients, their skilled architects gain a deep understanding of their technology landscape, infrastructure, and data flows. Leveraging this knowledge, Burwood Group designs comprehensive security architectures that incorporate industry best practices and cutting-edge technologies. By integrating security into the design phase, they ensure that their clients’ digital assets are protected from the ground up.

Simply Smart Technology

Location: Chicago, USA
Founded: 2010
Funds Raised: N/A
Employee Number: 2 – 9

At Simply Smart Technology, customer satisfaction is at the forefront of everything they do. They understand that businesses rely heavily on their IT infrastructure to operate efficiently and effectively. Therefore, they prioritize delivering exceptional customer service by providing responsive and personalized support tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Their team of experienced IT professionals is committed to delivering top-notch technical support. They possess a deep understanding of various IT systems, applications, and technologies, enabling them to resolve issues promptly and effectively.

Simply Smart Technology’s skilled technicians excel at troubleshooting hardware and software issues, managing network infrastructure, and providing expert technology advice. They possess the knowledge and expertise to ensure smooth business operations.

Beyond technical support, Simply Smart Technology also offers fully managed IT services. This comprehensive solution encompasses complete IT management and maintenance for businesses.

Their proactive approach includes monitoring and managing critical systems, implementing security measures, and conducting regular updates and patches to ensure optimal performance and minimize downtime. By taking care of routine IT tasks, they allow businesses to focus on their core competencies and strategic goals.

Network Perception

Location: Chicago, USA
Founded: 2014
Funds Raised: N/A
Employee Number: 11-50

Network Perception safeguards an organization’s mission-critical assets by empowering cyber security and compliance teams with verification, visibility, and velocity. The NP-View platform has emerged as the industry standard, simplifying network segmentation verification and industrial control network visualization. Developed by a government-funded research team of cyber security and critical infrastructure protection experts, it delivers exceptional results.

Keeper Inc.

Location: Chicago, USA
Founded: 2011
Funds Raised: N/A
Employee Number: 251-500

Keeper is the industry-leading cyber security technology for preventing data breaches and cyberattacks that are related to passwords.

Keeper Security is revolutionizing how businesses and private persons protect their credentials, secrets, relationships, and sensitive digital assets. The company’s goal is to drastically minimize the risks of identity security-related cyber attacks while simultaneously gaining visibility and control. Keeper is the premier provider of zero-trust and zero-knowledge security cloud services, and it is trusted by millions of people and thousands of organizations for password management, secrets management, privileged access, secure remote infrastructure access, and encrypted messaging. They use zero-knowledge and zero-trust security models.

Keeper Security is a leading provider of zero-trust and zero-knowledge security cloud services. They offer advanced features to safeguard digital identities and sensitive information. Their password management solution allows secure storage and organization of passwords in an encrypted vault. With strong encryption and multifactor authentication, Keeper ensures password protection, minimizing the risk of security breaches.

Secrets management is another critical aspect of Keeper’s cyber security solutions. It enables businesses to securely store and share sensitive information, such as API keys, digital certificates, and other confidential data. By implementing strict access controls and encryption, Keeper safeguards these secrets and ensures that only authorized individuals can access and utilize them, mitigating the risk of unauthorized exposure and misuse.


Location: Chicago, USA
Founded: 2019
Funds Raised: $13.9M
Employee Number: 11-50

Oak9 was created with the vision of enabling security to keep pace with the rapid advancements in technology. Recognizing the need to bridge the gap between development and security, Oak9 is deeply committed to reducing friction and enabling organizations to increase their development velocity and agility without compromising data protection.

As a SaaS startup, Oak9 offers a cloud-native security automation platform that revolutionizes the way organizations approach security. Their platform specializes in analyzing infrastructure-as-code, allowing for comprehensive security assessments during the development process. By integrating seamlessly into existing development workflows, Oak9 ensures that security becomes an integral part of the development lifecycle.

The core focus of Oak9’s platform is to help organizations construct applications that are secure and compliant by design. By analyzing infrastructure-as-code, the platform identifies potential security vulnerabilities and compliance risks early on. This enables developers to address these issues during the development phase, reducing the chances of security gaps and compliance violations in the final product.


Location: Chicago, USA
Founded: 2014
Funds Raised: $155.1M
Employee Number: 101-250

Coro is a global software as a service (SaaS) and all-in-one cyber security provider. The company specializes in cyber security, offering an all-in-one “security in a box” solution for the mid-market. Coro is highly regarded by customers for its consolidated solutions, user-friendly interface, and affordable pricing. These factors have played a significant role in their impressive growth, exceeding 300 percent year over year (YOY).

In April, Coro successfully concluded an additional investment round, securing a substantial $75 million and garnering a valuation of $575 million. With these newfound resources, the company aims to further expand its operations and achieve an annual recurring revenue (ARR) of $100 million. Furthermore, Coro has set its sights on going public within the next two to three years.
Working at Coro during this time is undeniably exhilarating, particularly for those in the sales department who witness firsthand the continuous contribution to the overall revenue increase. The company’s vision and momentum create a dynamic environment that fuels enthusiasm and motivates employees to excel in their roles.


Due to the constant cyber risk, businesses must take preventive measures to safeguard their digital assets. This blog post highlights Chicago’s top eight cyber security companies, adept at countering internet threats. These firms offer tailored solutions such as managed security services, risk assessments, and incident response. By partnering with industry leaders, Chicago businesses can enhance their cyber defenses and navigate the digital frontier with confidence.

By partnering with these industry leaders, businesses in Chicago can bolster their cyber security defenses and confidently navigate the digital frontier. Moreover, these companies have proven track records of delivering robust protection and innovative strategies to safeguard sensitive data and digital infrastructure.

The featured cyber security companies bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Consequently, they are well-equipped to provide tailored solutions that cater to the unique challenges faced by businesses in various industries. Their comprehensive services encompass proactive threat intelligence, advanced security monitoring, vulnerability assessments, and rapid incident response capabilities.

By leveraging the expertise of these top-tier cyber security firms, businesses in Chicago can establish a strong defense posture and effectively stay one step ahead of cyber threats. Through these valuable partnerships, organizations can proactively identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and respond effectively to any security incidents that may arise.