GITEX Global Dubai (+North Star) 2023 – Recap by Mehmet Uner


In the heart of Dubai, where innovation and technology converge, GITEX Global 2023 unveiled its vibrant spectacle. As a seasoned technology veteran and mentor/investor for startups, I would like to sum up this journey into the World’s most prominent tech and startup show. Join me as I recap GITEX Global and Expand North Star in Dubai through my observations, where each moment was an adventure into the future of tech, innovation, and boundless entrepreneurial spirit. Here’s a closer look at the GITEX GLOBAL Dubai 2023. Enjoy your reading!

One Of The Best Tech and Innovation Events in Dubai

GITEX GLOBAL, known as “The Best Large Scale Exhibition of any Industry,” returned for its new edition from October 16 to 20, 2023, at the Dubai World Trade Centre and Dubai Harbour.

This wasn’t just any tech event; it was a dynamic congregation of the World’s most advanced companies, forward-thinking minds, and groundbreaking ideas. The goal? To elevate business, economy, society, and culture through the power of innovation.


What Kind of Event GITEX Global Dubai 2023 Was Exactly?

GITEX GLOBAL 2023 was a testament to the transformative power of technology and the relentless pursuit of innovation. GITEX GLOBAL Dubai 2023 offered an experience that showcased the transformative power of technology and entrepreneurship. It was a stage where ideas became a reality, and innovation shaped the future. No one denies it: it’s one of the largest & most inclusive tech shows in the digital economy, where attendees can experience deep knowledge about Metaverse, Web 3.0, Quantum, 6G, Blockchain, Cyber Security, AI, and much more.

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The World’s Biggest Show, Now Even Bigger with 2 Locations

41 Halls across two mega venues were ready to unite innovation and visionary minds to transform business, society, and culture. This year, the event explores the omnipresence of AI, intensifying the global race for AI supremacy with expert insights and game-changing prophecies. Hosted at Dubai Harbour by the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, Expand North Star offers boundless prospects for founders, investors, and corporate innovators, including those shaping the sustainable future and setting the stage for COP28. I got to spend 3 full days at Expand North Star, where there were 8 large halls full of startups, investors, incubators, and stages with great panels and fire chats. I have met over 20 startups, talked to many investors, and listened to great panels.

A Journey of Ideas and Innovation

GITEX GLOBAL presented 21 inspiring conference tracks that unveiled breakthroughs destined to redefine our digital landscape. From influential policymakers to tech magnates and industry captains, the event provided ideas that promised to shape the future.


A Showcase of Turkish Tech Brilliance in the Heart of Dubai

In the bustling metropolis of Dubai, where the future meets innovation, GITEX GLOBAL 2023 unfolds as the grand stage for the World’s largest and most inclusive tech event. This year, a wave of Turkish innovation is making waves as never before.

This Turkish storm in GITEX GLOBAL, the Largest Tech and startup Show in the World, was terrific. Türkiye clusters across four important halls, and individual attendees enable you to see a Turkish company anywhere in Gitex.

gitex-turkey (2)

From individual entrepreneurs to conglomerates, Turkish tech prowess is on full display, showcasing cutting-edge solutions and disruptive startups across four significant halls. This is GITEX through a Turkish lens – an experience of excellence and ingenuity. With an impressive presence spanning four significant halls, Turkish innovation is impossible to miss.

From cybersecurity to AI-driven solutions, Turkish companies are leaving no stone unturned. Their commitment to technology and innovation is evident as they showcase their products and services to a global audience. GITEX has genuinely become a platform for Turkish tech to shine, bridging connections and fostering collaboration on a global scale.

The driving forces behind Turkish tech companies are the commitment to innovation, the drive to excel, and the passion to shape the future. With their solutions showcased in Dubai, Turkish innovation has genuinely taken center stage at GITEX GLOBAL 2023.

Gitex -Cognitiwe


I proudly support Cognitiwe in Flat6Lab’s Fifth Demo Day in the #UAE at Expand North Star, GITEX GLOBAL’s Largest Tech and Startup Show. They were one of the seven startups that took to the stage and pitched their innovative tech.

Cognitiwe empowers retailers to reduce fresh food waste and financial losses. The innovative brand addresses the critical issue of food waste in fresh food retail. Over 100 million tons of fresh fruits and vegetables are wasted annually, with a 10% loss in supermarkets. This waste impacts the environment and costs European retailers €4 billion in lost sales. Cognitive offers a solution through its Predictive Vision AI Platform, providing real-time insights and predictions to optimize freshness, stock levels, and sales performance. By reducing waste and conserving resources, retailers can enhance sustainability and profitability without requiring substantial upfront investments.

Year’s Most Anticipated Cybersecurity Event: GITEX CYBER VALLEY

The event also highlighted the Year’s most anticipated cybersecurity event – GITEX CYBER VALLEY. As generative AI ascends to transformative new heights, reports show that annual global cybercrime could cost $10.5 trillion by 2025. GITEX CYBER VALLEY was the ultimate showcase of the future of cybersecurity, offering insights on neutralizing these threats.


Dive into the Future: GITEX Activities

GITEX offered many activities, including hackathons with some of the biggest tech companies worldwide. Collaborative hackathons engaged over 500 participants across five challenges to solve global tech issues. These game-changing features highlighted the potential of collective problem-solving in the tech sphere.

For top cybersecurity professionals, GITEX CISO LOUNGE was the place to be. Top 150 CISOs from cross-industry sectors engaged in meaningful interactions, discussing industry ideas and challenges with peers. It was a unique platform for exchanging insights and expertise.

GITEX also hosted hands-on, interactive cyber workshops providing clear insight into proactive approaches to combating modern cyber threats. In a world where cybersecurity is dangerous for individuals and companies, these workshops served as a valuable resource for attendees.

One of the standout features of GITEX was the “EXPERIENCE DIGITAL TWIN SIMULATION.” This innovative showcase allowed visitors to experience how a city is secured from cyberattacks. It demonstrated how the power of data and real-time simulation can be leveraged to make insight-driven decisions.


Why I Participated in This Event As A Tech Enthusiast and Mentor?

Let me explain Why? I’m not just an attendee at GITEX GLOBAL; as a startup mentor an angel investor, I firmly believe that as long as I can keep myself up-to-date, my contributions to the tech world and my mentorship are valuable assets to the tech community and entrepreneurs who asked for my advice about their projects. That’s why attending this kind of tech event is one of the essential goals for me.



GITEX GLOBAL 2023 was a testament to the transformative power of technology and the relentless pursuit of innovation. It was a stage where ideas became a reality, and innovation shaped the future. For me and countless other professionals, GITEX GLOBAL was not just an event but a journey into the heart of innovation and technology, where the future was imagined, one electrifying idea at a time.

At GITEX 2023, technology leaders, inventors, researchers, and developers from across the World converge to drive the global race for AI supremacy. The show translates cutting-edge tech into practical business solutions, shaping societies and fast-tracking future urbanism.


Over 50 Turkish companies are participating in the prestigious tech event, GITEX GLOBAL, in Dubai, UAE. This five-day event, hosting 6,000 companies from 180 countries, showcases cutting-edge technology products. Turkish firms are receiving high interest and have found opportunities to arrange business-to-business meetings. The IT sector, supported by the government, plays a significant role in Turkey’s exports and adds value to the economy. These firms compete based on quality rather than price in Dubai, benefiting from geographical and cultural ties between the UAE and Turkey.

I and countless other tech professionals found themselves in a melting pot of global tech protagonists, inventors, academia, researchers, and developers. GITEX 2023 served as the stage for the epic global race for AI supremacy, manifesting cutting-edge technology into practical business solutions that fast-track future urbanism and shape societies.

If you missed this gathering, be prepared for GITEX EUROPE 2025, where the global tech community meets to discover new market opportunities.

Image Source: AA news – Dozens of Turkish firms take part in prestigious tech event in Dubai

Quick Reminder: GITEX EUROPE, 21-23 May 2025 at Messe Berlin, Germany: highlighting the $3 trillion valued European tech industry. A comprehensive digital transformation vision centered around talent development, innovation, and future-focused, purpose-driven tech investment.