Cyber Security Companies in Colorado: An Insider’s Guide


As technology advances and more aspects of our lives become digitized, the need for strong cyber security measures has become paramount. Cybercriminals constantly seek to exploit vulnerabilities in systems and networks, posing significant risks to individuals, businesses, and governments. In response to these threats, cyber security companies have emerged as crucial defenders, developing advanced solutions to combat cyberattacks and protect valuable information.

Colorado, with its vibrant technology sector, has emerged as a hub for innovation in cyber security. The state boasts a diverse range of companies that are leading the charge in developing cutting-edge cyber security technologies and services. These companies leverage their expertise, talent, and collaboration with industry partners to stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Explore five notable cyber security companies based in Colorado, uncovering their unique approaches and contributions to the field. From Denver to Boulder, Colorado Springs to Fort Collins, these trusted providers have earned accolades for industry-leading practices and commitment to safeguarding digital assets.

Optiv Security

Location: Denver, Colorado
Founded: 2015
Funds Raised: N/A
Employee Number: 5001-1000

Optiv Security, based in Denver and globally recognized, offers customizable cyber security solutions. Their comprehensive suite of services addresses diverse safety requirements. Optiv Security assists clients with risk management, advanced threat intelligence implementation, and robust security operations. Their holistic approach covers incident response, cloud security, identity and access management, and security architecture. Across various industries, customers benefit from Optiv Security’s top-tier solutions developed by experts with exceptional expertise, supported by collaborations with leading technology suppliers.

The company serves clients across a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare, technology, government, and more. Organizations in these sectors benefit from Optiv Security’s top-tier cyber security solutions, which are designed to address the unique challenges and compliance requirements of each industry.

Based in Denver and serving globally, Optiv Security is a trusted partner for organizations seeking comprehensive cyber security solutions. Their commitment to excellence, industry expertise, and collaboration with technology suppliers make them a go-to choice for businesses looking to enhance security and protect valuable assets in a complex threat landscape.


Location: Louisville, Colorado
Founded: 2001
Funds Raised: $9.4M
Employee Number: 1001-5000

Coalfire, based in Louisville, is a trusted cyber security advisor that specializes in compliance, risk management, and cyber security services. The company helps organizations navigate complex regulatory landscapes and ensure compliance with industry standards. Coalfire’s offerings include risk assessments, penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and compliance management. By assessing vulnerabilities, identifying gaps, and offering tailored solutions, Coalfire empowers clients to enhance their security posture. Their expertise spans diverse sectors, including healthcare, finance, government, and technology.

By leveraging Coalfire’s expertise, organizations can enhance their security posture, minimize risks, and maintain compliance with industry regulations. The company’s commitment to providing robust cyber security services, risk management guidance, and compliance support makes them an invaluable partner for organizations seeking to protect their sensitive data and maintain a strong security foundation.

Coalfire’s presence in Louisville, Colorado, contributes to the state’s thriving cyber security ecosystem. Their dedication to helping organizations navigate the complexities of cyber security and compliance further solidifies Colorado’s position as a hub for cutting-edge cyber security companies.

Red Canary

Location: Denver, Colorado
Founded: 2014
Funds Raised: $129.9M
Employee Number: 251-500

Red Canary is an industry-leading provider of managed detection and response (MDR) services. The company’s headquarters are located in Denver. Their team of cyber security specialists utilizes cutting-edge technologies and superior threat information to proactively detect and respond to threats in real-time. The platform that Red Canary offers provides features for continuous monitoring, threat hunting, and incident response. Red Canary provides organizations with actionable insights by using the power of machine learning and behavioral analytics. This enables organizations to instantly discover and eliminate possible dangers. Because of their preventative strategy as well as their rapid response time, they are the company of choice for businesses looking to improve their cyber security.

Red Canary’s services are particularly valuable for businesses seeking to enhance their cyber security posture. Their preventative strategy, combined with their rapid response time, makes them a trusted partner for organizations looking to improve their cyber resilience. By leveraging Red Canary’s expertise and cutting-edge technologies, organizations gain a proactive and effective defense against evolving threats.

The presence of Red Canary in Denver reinforces the city’s reputation as a hub for cyber security innovation. Their commitment to leveraging advanced technologies and threat intelligence to protect organizations aligns with Colorado’s thriving technology sector. As the cyber security landscape continues to evolve, Red Canary remains at the forefront, providing industry-leading managed detection and response services to help organizations stay ahead of emerging threats.


Location: Boulder, Colorado
Founded: 2003
Funds Raised: $126.3M
Employee Number: 501-1000

LogRhythm, headquartered in Boulder, is a well-known and respected cyber security business that provides solutions for security information and event management (SIEM) of the next generation. Their technology provides businesses with the ability to detect, respond to, and neutralize cyber threats quickly and effectively. LogRhythm’s AI-powered system analyzes vast data volumes, identifies suspicious activity, and prioritizes alerts for actionable insights. Their services encompass threat intelligence, user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), and network monitoring. By providing a comprehensive SIEM platform, LogRhythm helps companies stay ahead in the battle against cyber threats.

The presence of LogRhythm in Boulder contributes to Colorado’s thriving cyber security landscape. The company’s dedication to developing AI-powered solutions and its focus on helping organizations stay ahead of cyber threats align with the state’s reputation for technological innovation.

In an increasingly interconnected and complex digital environment, LogRhythm’s SIEM solutions enable businesses to proactively protect their systems, networks, and sensitive data. By leveraging their advanced technology and comprehensive services, organizations can bolster their cyber security defenses and effectively respond to evolving threats.


Location: Broomfield, Colorado
Founded: 1997
Funds Raised: $108.9M
Employee Number: 501-1000

Webroot, headquartered in Broomfield, is a pioneering cyber security company known for its cloud-based endpoint protection solutions. With a focus on real-time threat intelligence, Webroot offers advanced cyber security products that defend against malware, phishing attacks, and other digital threats. Their lightweight yet robust endpoint security solutions provide organizations with comprehensive protection without compromising system performance. Webroot’s solutions encompass endpoint protection, DNS protection, and security awareness training. By leveraging machine learning algorithms and cloud-based architecture, Webroot ensures that businesses are safeguarded against emerging threats.

By combining real-time threat intelligence, cloud-based architecture, and machine learning algorithms, Webroot ensures that businesses are well-equipped to defend against sophisticated cyber threats. Their innovative approach to endpoint protection has earned them a strong reputation in the cyber security industry.

Webroot’s presence in Broomfield contributes to the thriving cyber security ecosystem in Colorado. The company’s commitment to developing cloud-based solutions and leveraging advanced technologies aligns with the state’s focus on innovation and technology-driven solutions.

In an era where cyber threats are constantly evolving, Webroot’s cloud-based endpoint protection solutions provide organizations with the necessary tools to safeguard their systems, data, and networks. By offering lightweight yet robust cyber security solutions, Webroot enables businesses to maintain high levels of security without compromising operational efficiency.


By analyzing the skills and services of Colorado’s cyber security organizations, we highlight their exceptional work in defending against cyberattacks. These enterprises play a vital role in strengthening digital infrastructure and safeguarding individuals, organizations, and governments in an interconnected world. Through cutting-edge technology and specialized knowledge, they protect sensitive data. Now, let’s explore the five innovative Colorado companies driving cyber security innovation.