The Top Cyber Security Companies for Automotive Solutions


The need for robust cyber security measures is increasingly urgent as the automotive sector embraces connected vehicles. Advanced technology such as autonomous driving, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and entertainment systems has transformed automobiles into intricate digital ecosystems vulnerable to malicious software attacks. There has been a rise in the number of companies specializing in automotive cyber security in recent years. These companies provide cutting-edge solutions specifically designed to defend connected automobiles against malicious assaults.

The rapid advancement of technology in the automobile industry has created a need for strong cyber security measures in connected vehicles. The integration of autonomous driving, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and entertainment systems has turned automobiles into vulnerable digital ecosystems. As a result, the significance of automotive cyber security has never been more pronounced.

In response to this growing threat landscape, numerous companies have emerged, specializing in automotive cyber security. These organizations are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that are specifically tailored to safeguard connected vehicles against malicious assaults. By employing innovative techniques and leveraging their expertise, these companies have made significant contributions to the field of automotive cyber security.

This article aims to explore some of the most successful cyber security organizations in the automobile industry, highlighting their forward-thinking approaches and notable achievements. By examining their strategies and solutions, we can gain valuable insights into the evolving nature of cyber security in the context of connected vehicles.

1. Argus Cyber Security

Location: Tel Aviv, HaMerkaz
Founded: 2014
Funds Raised: $ 21.1M
Employee Number: 51-200

Argus Cyber Security, a subsidiary of Continental AG, offers cutting-edge automotive cyber security solutions. Their comprehensive product lineup prioritizes safeguarding connected vehicles throughout their lifecycles from diverse cybercrimes. Moreover, Argus provides solutions for in-vehicle protection, over-the-air (OTA) security, and threat intelligence. Consequently, these solutions enable automotive manufacturers to address vulnerabilities and enhance vehicle safety by strengthening their security measures. Notably, Argus has gained acclaim for its proactive approach and extensive industry expertise, which enables them to tackle the unique challenges of automotive cyber security effectively.

Recognized for their deep understanding of the automotive industry’s cyber security challenges, Argus Cyber Security excels in developing customized solutions for connected vehicles. By staying at the forefront of technology and industry trends, Argus consistently delivers innovative solutions that enhance the security and resilience of connected cars.

2. Upstream Security

Location: Herzliya, Israel
Founded: 2017
Funds Raised: $105M
Employee Number: 51-200

Upstream Security is a well-respected cyber security firm for the automotive industry that focuses on providing cloud-based solutions. Their platform offers real-time threat detection and prevention for connected automobiles. It does this by utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to recognize abnormal patterns of behavior and prospective attacks. The solution developed by Upstream Security is geared towards protecting the entirety of the ecosystem that is present in linked vehicles. This includes fleet management systems, telematics, and connected car services. Upstream Security provides automakers and fleet operators with actionable insights to manage risks and safeguard their cars against evolving cyber threats. These insights are gleaned through continuous monitoring and analysis of data.

Upstream Security’s platform provides automakers and fleet operators with valuable insights to manage risks and defend against evolving cyber threats. By continuously monitoring and analyzing data in real time, the platform detects vulnerabilities and suspicious activities, allowing timely intervention and risk mitigation. These insights empower automotive stakeholders to make informed decisions, prioritize security measures, and implement necessary updates to protect vehicles and infrastructure.

3. GuardKnox

Location: Merkaz, Israel
Founded: 2016
Funds Raised: $21M
Employee Number: 51-200

GuardKnox, the industry-leading provider of cyber security solutions for the automobile sector, stands out for its focus on secure network and communication technologies. Through their unique approach, they shield connected vehicles from cyberattacks using advanced architecture, secure domain separation, and encryption techniques. GuardKnox offers a range of services, including secure gateway solutions, in-vehicle network protection, and remote software updates. By providing a secure and compartmentalized environment, GuardKnox helps car manufacturers ensure the reliability and security of their vehicles’ digital systems.

GuardKnox can meet the specific issues faced by the automobile industry because it provides comprehensive cyber security solutions. These solutions include secure gateway solutions, in-vehicle network protection, and remote software updates. Because of their dedication to innovation as well as industry-leading methodologies, they have established themselves as a trusted leader in the field of automotive cyber security, which will contribute to the future of connected automobiles being safe and secure.

4. Cybellum

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Founded: 2016
Funds Raised: $12M
Employee Number: 51-200

Solutions for vulnerability assessment are provided for the automotive industry. It offers tools for identifying and preventing zero-day attacks, as well as performing cyber forensics on victims of such assaults. Among the many capabilities offered by the program are assessments of risk and vulnerability, binary code analysis, and continuous monitoring, among others.

Cybellum’s Product Security Platform is used by industry leaders such as Jaguar Land Rover, Supermicro, Arthrex, and Faurecia to execute and manage the primary parts of their cybersecurity operations across teams, product lines, and business units. Teams work to guarantee that their connected products are fundamentally secure and compliant and that they continue to be so. This process begins with the SBOM and continues via Vulnerability Management, Compliance Validation, and Incident Response.

5. Karamba Security

Location: Hod Hasharon, Israel
Founded: 2016
Funds Raised: $10M
Employee Number: 11-50

Karamba Security is a frontrunner in the field as a leading provider of embedded cyber security solutions for both connected and autonomous automobiles. Their solution is software-based, and it integrates smoothly into the ecosystem of the automobile industry. It also provides real-time security against harmful actions and unauthorized alterations. Karamba Security’s solutions safeguard ECU integrity and prevent unauthorized code execution. They enable automakers to establish a secure foundation by implementing a “factory mode” during vehicle production. This mode secures the vehicles throughout their entire useful lives.

Karamba Security provides essential software-based embedded cyber security solutions for the automotive industry. Their expertise makes them a trusted partner for automakers, ensuring the safety and integrity of connected and autonomous vehicles.

6. SheeldS

Location: Ramat Gan, Israel
Founded: 2012
Funds Raised: N/A
Employee Number: 11-50

SheeldS, formerly known as Arilou, is a leader in the field of cyber security for motor vehicles. The company’s innovative technology has been awarded many patents, and its products have been recognized for their excellence.
SheeldS introduces the industry’s first cloud-based cyber security solution, tailored specifically for the management needs of heavy commercial and bus fleets. With a combination of vision and technology, SheeldS creates an effective platform for defending commercial vehicles against cyberattacks. Leveraging their team’s extensive industry expertise, which includes experience from Israeli cyber defense forces, SheeldS empowers commercial vehicle owners to protect their assets with confidence. By integrating advanced security measures and proactive defense mechanisms, SheeldS enables businesses to effectively mitigate risks and ensure the integrity and safety of their fleets.


The automotive sector’s digital transition heightens the significance of automotive cyber security businesses in safeguarding connected vehicles against cyber attacks. These companies lead innovation in enhancing auto safety and security, implementing solutions promptly. They contribute to a robust automotive ecosystem, mitigating cyber assault risks through expertise and advanced technology.

The rise of connected automobiles has brought numerous benefits such as improved functionality, enhanced user experience, and innovative safety features. However, it has also introduced challenges, particularly in cyber security. With the integration of more digital components, vehicles become attractive targets for cybercriminals seeking vulnerabilities. Thus, it’s crucial to engage specialized cyber security businesses to develop effective defenses and solutions against emerging threats.

Cyber security organizations that specialize in the automotive industry play a critical part in the process of protecting the digital landscape of linked automobiles. They collaborate closely with car manufacturers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to discover potentially exploitable vulnerabilities, conduct risk factor analyses, and build comprehensive solutions that address particular cyber security requirements. These companies obtain a profound awareness of the specific difficulties faced by the automotive sector and can modify their services according to that knowledge as a result of their collaboration with industry specialists.

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