Top 10 Cyber Security Awareness Training Companies and Platforms


Providing SAT to your staff is vital in protecting your company from cyber-attacks. Users need to be educated on identifying and reporting suspicious communications, and those who take security seriously should be rewarded.

Phishing scams, poor passwords, and compromised accounts are common causes of data breaches and financial loss for modern enterprises. Users can access resources for learning about these and other cybersecurity issues through online portals provided by security awareness training platforms.

In addition, security awareness cyber training platform managers can create courses. Which includes quizzes and evaluations to check whether or not students are retaining the material. Multiple security awareness training platforms provide opportunities to test phishing detection skills through actual or simulated attacks. In addition to equipping managers with the tools they need with the most significant risk of causing a data breach, a top-tier cyber security awareness training platform will include analytics and statistics identifying which employees pose the most critical chance of triggering a data breach.

Cybersecurity awareness training is essential to any effective cybersecurity plan, and it benefits enterprises of all sizes. To aid you in your search, we have developed a list of the top security awareness training programs available today. This analysis will focus on the company’s customer service, training programs, flexibility, information availability, and feedback from existing customers.

1. American Management of Cyber Security

A trusted partner of Atlantic.Net, American Cyber Security Management (ACSM) is a pioneer in cyber security. They offer on-demand training in cybersecurity, including evaluating, implementing, and maintaining compliance services, mitigating security risks, and facilitating applications’ reliability, integrity, and security. Regarding solutions, ACSM has everything you need to put your firm in the lead.

American Cyber Security Management is a leader in data privacy, cybersecurity, and secure DevOps. ACSM’s mission is to help Enterprises protect their data from internal and external threats. ACSM offers on-demand assessment, implementation, and sustainability services that focus on both privacy and security compliance, as well as risk reduction and mitigation. For more information, please visit here.

2. Infosec IQ

Prepare every employee with industry-leading security awareness training so they’re ready when a real attack hits. Infosec IQ provides personalized security awareness and anti-phishing training.
An additional major stakeholder, infosec, is working to raise public consciousness and alter corporate ethos. Several security awareness programs provide a fun and effective way to raise consciousness about the importance of good cyber security practices among the workforce. Infosec IQ incorporates phishing simulators that target employee emails and social engineering assessments that help ensure the training effectively prevents data leaks and cybercriminal activity.

3. Proofpoint Security Awareness

To better protect against ransomware and email fraud, Proofpoint offers training services to help employees become more knowledgeable about cybersecurity. The software provides a grounding in the basics of ransomware and how it has evolved. Students get knowledge of the current cybersecurity threat landscape, including how to prevent phishing emails, text messages, and faxes, as well as how to deter employees from clicking on malicious websites. The purpose of this effort is to encourage behavioral changes among staff members to lessen the company’s vulnerability to cyber-attacks.

4. ESET Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cybersecurity company ESET promotes safe and secure technology worldwide by providing cutting-edge, multi-layered internet security solutions. Using gamification techniques supported by behavioral science, ESET’s cybersecurity awareness training solution engages users and motivates them to change their cybersecurity habits. Complete security education is provided in manageable modules. Each module frequently updates to guarantee the most up-to-date information security guidance is provided. ESET helps people and businesses in over 200 countries and territories stay safe online through its products and services.

Less than 90 minutes is all it takes to finish ESET’s in-depth online course. The user’s attention is kept throughout with gamified quizzes, role acting, and interactive sessions. The cybersecurity awareness training will educate employees on the various threats they face, how to stay secure online, and what they can do to protect themselves. Including strong passwords, secure email and web browsing, and other preventative steps. Access the current status of each learner in real-time and generate custom reports from the intuitive admin dashboard. The system also includes a robust phishing simulation platform with various pre-built, editable email templates and an Office 365 plugin that allows users to flag suspicious emails.

Training in ESET’s cybersecurity awareness tools is a valuable resource for businesses looking forward to the constantly shifting threat of cyberattacks. It reduces the likelihood of human mistakes serves as an entrance point for cybercriminals and meets regulatory compliance standards. Even if you don’t have a background in IT, you can navigate the dashboard and start deploying the service in no time. Especially if you’re using Office 365 and Azure Active Directory. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from this solution. Because it provides high-quality phishing simulations and comprehensive security awareness training.

5. IRONSCALES Cyber Security Training

If you’re looking for a reliable cloud-based email security provider, go no further than IRONSCALES. Their product offers a novel integration of Security Awareness Training (SAT) and Phishing Simulation Testing. There is no need for setup modifications or pauses in email delivery, as the solution can be integrated into Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace in minutes by utilizing native APIs.

Regarding the platform’s underlying technology, advanced phishing attempts such as business email compromise (BEC), account takeover, VIP impersonation, and more are continuously detected and remedied using AI.

The platform uses AI self-learning to aid administrators in developing Security Awareness Training (SAT) programs with relevant video content and assessments. For instance, if a vendor impersonation assault has been directed at a specific department, VIPs, or individuals, the system will provide pertinent training resources for those users.

Included as well is Phishing Simulation Testing. Which makes use of the same data to model simulated phishing attacks after the millions of real-world examples analyzed daily by IRONSCALES. Users who open fake phishing emails go to a landing page to view tips on protecting themselves from phishing attacks. To have an email automatically evaluated by IRONSCALES and reviewed by their IT/Security team, if an employee feels it is malicious, they can click the IRONSCALES report phishing button in their email client.

With the many reporting options provided by IRONSCALES, administrators can monitor how effectively users are progressing.

Organizations seeking a unified solution with adequate protection against phishing attempts and user training will find IRONSCALES an excellent choice.

6. Barracuda Phishline

Barracuda PhishLine provides ongoing phishing attack simulation and security training for staff, assisting organizations in shielding their users against social engineering assaults. All of this platform’s simulation and training materials can be altered to suit your needs. Barracuda puts a premium on reporting and analytics to prove training’s worth and keep consumers interested. In January 2018, Barracuda completed its purchase of PhishLine. And has since incorporated its services into its Total Email Protection offering. Barracuda provides various premade simulations, including landing pages, risk assessment surveys, and educational materials. Barracuda updates its threat detection software daily to incorporate the most recent threats into its training simulations. Users can report suspicious emails to IT administrators with the click of a button via Barracuda’s built-in “report phish” feature. Various training resources are accessible, and they are all routinely updated to keep current.

Barracuda gives valuable information about whether employees pose a threat of causing a data breach and need security education. Large volumes of information are provided. Allowing you to evaluate the risk of your users in terms of effect and likelihood scores and target your awareness training accordingly. Barracuda provides gamified awareness training with features like leaderboards and user leveling systems to motivate users.

7. KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

KnowBe4 is the industry standard for security awareness training, with a wide variety of free and paid training products and simulated phishing attacks available. In total, approximately 30,000 people throughout the world have used their security awareness training products. They have a vast collection of materials for security awareness training, such as slideshows, films, and tests. Also available is a robust phishing simulation engine, ideal for developing unique phishing templates and campaigns. KnowingBe4 also offers management and administrative personnel awareness training campaigns.

KnowBe4 is the industry leader for new customers and one of the most rapidly expanding companies in security awareness. Their platform has attracted a diverse user base. It includes small and large firms, thanks to their free tools for assessing employees’ knowledge. Over a thousand training modules, movies, games, posters, and newsletters are available on their site, all of which have won awards for their high quality.

8. Phished

With the help of Phished, users may learn to recognize and report malicious emails. Users are “human firewalls” that can prevent social engineering assaults like phishing, CEO impersonation, and email fraud by using a comprehensive defense strategy. Awareness training and checkpoints, phishing/SMiShing simulations, active reporting, and threat intelligence are the four main components that make this possible.

Micro-learning modules incorporating game mechanics into awareness training can keep students engaged and improve retention rates. To gauge how users will react to real-world attacks, automated phishing simulations are sent to them. With the complexity, frequency, and message type determined individually. Administrators can even generate and manually send their phishing scenarios if necessary. When a user follows a link in a simulated attack or enters their credentials into Phished’s fake phishing page, the tool gives them feedback on their actions. The Phished Report Button can be found within the email client and may be used to report both threats. Users will be informed whether the email they said was safe, a simulation, or a real danger. Last, Phished uses threat intelligence to detect hostile international campaigns and warn users of any potential threats to their company.

9. Mimecast

Mimecast aims to reduce human error by providing ongoing, engaging, video-based micro-learning to improve your employees’ cyber hygiene. By providing exciting training, they hope to increase workers’ confidence in cybersecurity and show them where to focus their training.

10. SANS Security Awareness

The SANS Institute was established 30 years ago to provide security professionals access to collaborative research and educational services. EndUser training incorporating culturally relevant content might help narrow in on the right employees to assist. High-risk data can be located using social engineering and user behavior research. It allows the program to concentrate its efforts on the areas where they will significantly impact the company’s bottom line.

Bonus: Cybrary

Cybrary’s accessible, affordable platform provides guided pathways, threat-informed training, and certification preparation to fully equip cybersecurity professionals at every stage in their careers to skill up and confidently mitigate threats. Stay on top of the latest threats and vulnerabilities with timely, relevant content from experts in the field. Learn how to detect and mitigate threats and prepare your defenses with our Threat Actor Campaigns and CVE Series. Challenge yourself with gamified Cybrary Challenges based on real-world attacks dominating the headlines.

There are many tools to counteract cyber threats, yet attacks can still sneak past them. These measures and tools can help prevent phishing scams. But users should be aware that they may still be vulnerable to more direct attacks.

Training your users that they are the last line of defense between your firm and a breach and is crucial.

The goal of security awareness training is to instill a habit of evaluating security. And information they create and use, the emails they open, and the files they keep in their physical offices.