Cyber Security Companies in Washington DC


In the hyper-connected world today, effective cybersecurity is crucial. Washington, D.C. houses cutting-edge organizations protecting against digital threats. Let’s explore the top five firms leading in this field.


Location: Washington DC
Founded: 2009
Funds Raised: N/A
Employee Number: 11-50

iMovie Strategic cyber security was one of the first companies in the United States and Canada to specialize in providing cyber security-related projects, operations, and managed security services. iMovie has been a leader in the market for more than ten years, and during that time it has become well-known for the efficient cyber security testing procedures, automation, orchestration, and monitoring solutions that it offers.

iMovie Strategic cyber security is North America’s most experienced provider of professional services, and in addition to those services, the company offers Staff Augmentation to a wide range of clients in the aerospace, military, and national security industries.

The longevity of iBovi’s presence in the market is a testament to its expertise, reliability, and adaptability. Their extensive experience allows them to navigate the complexities of cyber security with finesse, ensuring that their clients receive cutting-edge solutions and strategic guidance to mitigate risks and safeguard their sensitive information.

As technology advances and cyber threats evolve, iBovi remains at the forefront of innovation, continually refining its methodologies and expanding its service offerings. Their commitment to staying ahead of the curve enables them to provide clients with state-of-the-art solutions that address the ever-changing cyber security landscape.

SecureTech 360

Location: Washington DC & Lorton, VA
Founded: 2009
Funds Raised: N/A
Employee Number: 11-50

Cyber security and information technology consulting company, SecureTech360, LLC, is owned by a diverse group of individuals, including a woman, a crippled veteran of the military, and a minority. Their expertise lies in providing Enterprise Systems with innovative and secure information technology solutions and services.

SecureTech360, LLC has its headquarters in Northern Virginia and also maintains offices in the District of Columbia. The company possesses the necessary resources to plan and implement a complete Emerging Technology IT & Security program for clients’ companies. Additionally, they offer resources and expertise to enhance existing programs by addressing program gaps or executing tactical projections. SecureTech360 is capable of assisting government agencies with their current and future requirements for Next Generation Networks due to their extensive expertise and experience.

By leveraging their expertise and experience, SecureTech360 establishes itself as a trusted partner for both public and private sector organizations.

Their comprehensive services and dedication to staying ahead of emerging technologies and cyber threats help clients fortify their digital infrastructure, mitigate risks, and optimize operations.

SecureTech360’s successful track record and commitment to excellence make them a leading player in cyber security and information technology consulting. Their tailored solutions empower organizations to embrace emerging technologies confidently, fostering innovation, efficiency, and security in the digital realm.

Iron Vine Security

Location: Washington DC & Lorton, VA
Founded: 2008
Funds Raised: N/A
Employee Number: 51-200

Iron Vine has officially become a member of the ECS team as of today. Customers in both the public and private sectors of the United States place their trust in ECS to deliver cutting-edge technological, scientific, and digital transformation solutions that effectively tackle their most pressing challenges. ECS stands out with its specialized certifications in the technologies offered by leading cloud, cyber security, and AI/ML service providers. Moreover, they maintain superior partnerships with these service providers, ensuring access to the latest innovations and resources in the industry.

Iron Vine’s inclusion in the ECS team brings a wealth of expertise and capabilities to further enhance the comprehensive suite of solutions provided. With its deep understanding of cyber security, Iron Vine contributes to strengthening ECS’s offerings in this critical area. Additionally, Iron Vine’s proficiency in advanced analytics and data-driven insights complement ECS’s existing capabilities in the realms of cloud computing and AI/ML.

Together, ECS and Iron Vine form a formidable partnership, well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of customers across industries. With their collective knowledge and resources, they deliver greater value and impact to clients, driving meaningful digital transformation and addressing complex challenges. This collaboration solidifies ECS’s position as a trusted provider of state-of-the-art solutions, empowering organizations to thrive in a digital world.


Location: Washington DC
Founded: 2019
Funds Raised: N/A
Employee Number: 11-50

PurpleSec is a cyber security company owned and operated by military veterans. The company specializes in various sectors, including healthcare, insurance, finance, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency.

The team at PurpleSec consists of computer and network security specialists who possess extensive expertise gained from working in government, military, and private industry. With an average of more than twenty years of experience, their knowledge is invaluable in addressing complex cyber security challenges.

PurpleSec offers comprehensive cyber security services to assist businesses. Their approach encompasses both defensive and offensive strategies, resulting in reduced overhead costs and increased confidence from third parties in the client’s brand.

What sets PurpleSec apart from competitors is its ability to automate and integrate vulnerability management and penetration testing processes into a unified enterprise solution. This streamlined approach ensures efficiency and effectiveness in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities.

In addition to their core services, PurpleSec provides businesses with GAP assessments for cyber security, compliance requirements, security program maturity, patch management, penetration testing, social engineering, and managed security services. This comprehensive range of offerings ensures that clients receive a tailored approach to meet their specific needs and industry standards.

Trojan Horse Cyber Security

Location: Washington DC
Founded: 2001
Funds Raised: N/A
Employee Number: 11-50

The headquarters of Trojan Horse Security may be found in Washington, District of Columbia, directly across the street from the White House. We are industry leaders in corporate security, and we take great satisfaction in the fact that we work with only the absolute best consultants available anywhere in the globe. Every one of our consultants has more than ten years of experience and is a leader in their field. They have all, at some point in their careers, held leadership positions with one of the world’s most prominent consultancies. Our company is home to some of the most talented information security consultants in the field today.

The THS Team is comprised of individuals who have previous experience working for the State Department Diplomatic Security Bureau, the Secret Service Presidential Detail, and tier one Special Operations SEAL Team Six.

Trojan Horse Security caters to businesses of all kinds, from Fortune 500 corporations to small and medium-sized businesses.


In summary, Washington, D.C. houses leading cybersecurity organizations that play a crucial role in preserving our digital integrity. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and deep industry knowledge, they defend vital infrastructure and sensitive information from evolving cyber threats. Their cutting-edge solutions and unwavering commitment to top security standards contribute significantly to a safer digital world.

By employing advanced tools and techniques, these companies contribute significantly to creating a safer and more secure digital world. Their cutting-edge solutions address emerging challenges and anticipate future threats, ensuring that individuals, businesses, and governments can navigate the digital landscape with confidence. Furthermore, their unwavering commitment to upholding the highest security standards establishes a strong foundation for trust and reliability.

These organizations push cyber security boundaries through research, collaboration, and innovation, adapting to new threats and technologies. They engage stakeholders, partners, and policymakers to shape best practices and robust security frameworks.

Based in Washington, D.C., their collective efforts not only protect local entities but also impact national security and global digital resilience. Their expertise bolsters defense against cyber threats, enhances incident response capabilities and promotes a culture of cyber awareness and preparedness.

In conclusion, Washington, D.C. serves as a cybersecurity center of excellence with leading organizations contributing to a secure digital environment. Their cutting-edge solutions, expertise, and commitment defend against cyber threats, safeguard critical assets, and advance cybersecurity regionally and globally.