Cyber Security Companies in Austin: A Complete List


Austin, the dynamic capital of Texas, is renowned for its robust technology and startup ecosystems, as well as its thriving cybersecurity industry. In today’s interconnected world, the demand for securing sensitive information and digital assets has never been higher. Austin has emerged as a center for cutting-edge cybersecurity businesses, offering innovative solutions to combat online threats and becoming a hub for the industry.

In this comprehensive list, we’ll explore successful cybersecurity organizations in Austin, focusing on their areas of expertise, services, and contributions to the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity.

These enterprises, which range from well-known industry heavyweights to up-and-coming startups with significant potential, all play an important part in bolstering the digital infrastructure of businesses and organizations, which helps to ensure a secure digital future for everyone. Let’s investigate this list of cybersecurity companies in Austin to learn more about the extraordinary skills and innovative thinking that characterizes this vibrant digital sector.


Location: Texas, Austin
Founded: 2005
Funds Raised: $26.1M
Employee Number: 1000-5000

SailPoint is the industry leader in providing identity protection for today’s digital businesses. SailPoint automates the administration and control of access by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This allows just the necessary access to be granted to the appropriate identities and technological resources at the appropriate moment. Their intelligent identity solution is tailored to meet the requirements of today’s businesses in terms of scale, velocity, and environment. SailPoint gives even the most complicated businesses in the world the ability to construct a foundation for their security that is based on identity security.


Location: Texas, Austin
Founded: 2000
Funds Raised: $89M
Employee Number: 1000-5000

The Rapid7 Insight Platform gathers data from all parts of your environment, which makes it simple for teams to manage vulnerabilities, keep an eye out for malicious behavior, investigate and thwart attacks, and automate your processes.

With automation and orchestration, your team can focus on strategic priorities, knowing that operations run efficiently in the background. We collaborate to deliver security outcomes aligned with your organization’s business objectives.

Rapid7 Metasploit improves the efficiency of teams that do penetration tests, verifies whether or not the discovered vulnerabilities are exploited, and, by making use of this information, demonstrates the true risk posed by the vulnerabilities and ranks the risks in order of severity. Performs simulated phishing attacks on employees of the company to assess their level of security awareness… Metasploit can run a controlled simulation of an actual invasion and then provide an estimate of the danger.

Duo Security

Texas, Austin
Founded: 2010
Funds Raised: $121.5M
Employee Number: 1000-5000

The industry-leading multi-factor authentication (MFA) and secure access provider is now a part of Cisco and goes by the name Duo Security.

The commitment that we will always do what is best for our clients and for one another is the foundation of Duo. This guarantee is just as important to our company’s operations as the product itself. At the core of this sensibility are our organization’s four guiding principles, which are as follows: Simple, efficient, dependable, and long-lasting.

With a visionary approach, they aim to revolutionize security by solving the critical geopolitical challenge of safe and secure information access. Their engineering ensures customers can readily address ever-changing security concerns.

Attackers in the digital realm are increasingly focusing their attention on poorer implementations of multi-factor authentication (MFA). Because of this, Duo is making the protection that was previously only accessible in the most advanced edition of Duo available to all of its customers.

The editions reduce the total cost of ownership, diminish the chance of security breaches, and increase the user’s overall productivity. The value that Duo brings to the table in terms of peace of mind, robust security, and greater productivity cannot be equaled.


Location: Texas, Austin (Remote)
Founded: 2015
Funds Raised: $159.8M
Employee Number: 251-500

Cybersecurity is not an issue that is exclusive to businesses. Today, attackers are focusing their attention on small and mid-market businesses (SMBs), and they are destroying organizations that do not have adequate protection against ransomware, persistent malware, and other forms of malware. It is time to respond with force.

The Huntress Managed Security platform has been designed from the ground up to protect small and medium-sized businesses.

They make security easy to understand and available to 99% of the population by assisting users in concentrating on the things that are truly important and by working directly with IT providers and resellers to handle the laborious aspects of the process. Their program makes the detections, our people make the hunts, and our partners are given the authority to act.

The dashboard offers a comprehensive view of ongoing investigations and incidents by consolidating data and insights from all major features. With easy access to reporting and remediation tools, even non-security specialists can respond quickly to cyber risks and warnings.

The combination of endpoint protection, detection, and response capabilities is the ideal supplement to your existing cyberstack. These capabilities are powered by our ThreatOps team and are offered through a single interface.


Location: Texas, Austin
Founded: 2008
Funds Raised: $110M
Employee Number: 51-100

Brinqa is the company that is driving the push for a new generation of cybersecurity solutions that are knowledge-driven and risk-centric. The Brinqa Cyber Risk Graph is the knowledge graph for cybersecurity. It establishes a common data taxonomy, integrates critical security and business data, and powers cybersecurity insights and outcomes.

It offers a unified platform for automating the whole cyber risk lifecycle, including infrastructure, application, and cloud protection.

Leverage Brinqa to create a unified inventory of assets and security findings across your infrastructure, applications, and cloud environments.

Convert CVSS scores into reliable risk assessments by considering your attack surface, business priorities, mitigating measures, and threat environment.

Streamline ticketing, ownership assignment, exception handling, closed-loop tracking, and SLA enforcement to facilitate remediation and mitigation efforts.

Enhance security discussions with business-prioritized dashboards and reports that provide solutions to challenging security questions.


The landscape of cybersecurity is ever-evolving, making effective digital protection crucial in today’s interconnected world. Austin, Texas, leads the cybersecurity revolution with a thriving ecosystem of innovative enterprises safeguarding digital assets, placing it at the vanguard of this movement. In this comprehensive list, we profile several successful cybersecurity organizations in Austin, showcasing their skills and contributions. These businesses stay one step ahead of cyber dangers, ranging from established industry heavyweights to potential newcomers.

Austin’s cybersecurity businesses offer a wide range of specialized services, including network security, data protection, threat intelligence, incident response, and more. They utilize cutting-edge technologies and employ skilled specialists, collaborating with corporations and organizations for complete defense against cyber attacks.

The thriving IT sector and supportive entrepreneurial climate in Austin foster the growth of cybersecurity. This dynamic industry thrives by attracting top talent, promoting collaboration, and driving innovation. Austin-based businesses lead the way in cybersecurity innovation, developing groundbreaking solutions to counter new threats in the ever-changing cyber security landscape.