Affiliate Marketing Leaders 2023

On October 23, 2023, Affiliate Marketing Leaders—an exclusive one-day event featuring Masterclass workshops and panels will take place. Learn from renowned affiliate marketing experts about industry innovations and trends, and gain valuable insights into program strategy and collaboration. This event is in partnership with Affiverse and it promises to elevate your marketing game and foster meaningful connections with experts from various disciplines.

Affiliate Marketing Leaders 2023

Affiliate Marketing Leaders is an affiliate program management and partnership marketing event consisting of one-day Masterclass workshops and panels. In this event series, you can learn about innovations and trends in the industry from various world-renowned affiliate marketing experts. The Affiliate Marketing Leaders event is the best place to hear about the structure of today’s marketing collaborations from experts and to gain new information about different disciplines in this field.

These carefully selected and organized workshops will teach you a lot about program strategy and affiliate marketing, regardless of your experience level. You can apply the theoretical and practical knowledge you gain in these workshops while strengthening your brand and making a difference to your competitors in the sector.

These various workshops are led and curated by renowned Affiliate Marketing veteran Lee-Ann Johnstone, founder of Affiverse. This event, which will be on October 23, 2023, will first include a training process consisting of a series of half-day workshops and panels. It will then end with a comprehensive networking session. This event is in collaboration with Affiverse and aims to exchange ideas by bringing together marketing experts from all fields.


Workshop 1

Learn how to find and measure new affiliates in a diverse traffic landscape, helping you stay competitive in the market.

Workshop Lecturers:
Lee-Ann Johnstone – Founder & Leanna Klyne – Agency Director

Workshop 2

Discover how to promote and sell your affiliate program by using your personal brand to attract new publishers.

Workshop Lecturer:
Dean Seddon – Founder

Workshop 3

Benefit from industry veterans’ years of expertise as they assist you in solving challenges swiftly. This hands-on learning experience provides personalized strategies and valuable time with leading industry experts to accelerate your program’s growth.

Table 1: Reactivation tactics that will help your affiliate program grow
Hosted by Sarafina Wolde Gabriel – CSO Rightlander & Non-exec advisor Affiverse

Table 2: Auditing your Affiliate program – Finding Areas of Growth and Bringing New Partners Into the Mix
Hosted by Wade Tonkin – Director, Global Affiliate Marketing at Fanatics, Inc.

Table 3: Embracing Influencers as part of your Affiliate Program
Hosted by Sanchit Sareen, EMEA Director –

Table 4: Mitigating Fraud & Implementing better Compliance practices
Hosted by Ian Sims, Founder – Rightlander

Workshop 4

Join a panel discussion on future affiliate management trends and learn how to integrate them into your daily routines.

Moderated by: Lee-Ann Johnstone, Founder – Affiverse

Panelists will include:
Anna Hecht, Editorial Director – Global Savings Group
Dan Staples, VP Client Development –
Kevin Edwards, Founder – The APMA

Who Should Attend?

As an Affiliate Program Manager, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. AMLeaders workshops are carefully curated to provide you with the latest strategies, tools, and insights needed to take your affiliate program to new heights.